Understandably, we are receiving numerous questions from all over the world asking whether or not the London 2022 exhibition will go ahead in light of the escalating Omicron variant of COVID 19.

I can make a very clear statement: the Organising Committee of London 2022 has absolutely no intention of cancelling or postponing London 2022.

Although COVID cases in the United Kingdom are currently increasing, there are at present no restrictions on entering England and attendance at events is straightforward for those who can demonstrate that they are free of COVID. Importantly, the government is trying very hard not to introduce any restrictions.

The UK is still receiving visitors from overseas, and they have no restrictions once they have had results from a negative test done on arrival. The UK Government has announced today that all countries on the England ‘Red List’ will be removed with effect from 4am Wednesday 15 December, again allowing travel from all over the world without constraints from an English perspective.

We are clearly in a fast-moving situation. We are of course subject ultimately to government control – and while we believe that the government is very unlikely to cancel events, we cannot rule this out.

The current UK Government rules can be read at www.gov.uk/coronavirus. The London 2022 Organising Committee has established an email address of covid@london2022.co where any questions concerning the latest COVID plans can be sent.

Should the situation change significantly I will write again, and I will certainly produce an updated report in the first week of the new year.

Frank Walton, Chairman