The AIJP is the world association of philatelic authors and journalists. However, its members include not only authors and journalists, but also libraries, archives, publishers and editors, i.e. everyone involved in the production, preservation and promotion of philatelic literature.

The AIJP is thus on the one hand a professional association, i.e. representatives of all those who are professionally involved with literature, but on the other hand also representatives of all those who are involved in the hobby of philately and literature on a voluntary basis.

It is the task of the AIJP to benefit these different circles involved with literature. To this end, the AIJP is active on various levels: for example at exhibitions, fairs and large events of all kinds. But it also organises its own symposia, supported by academies, lectures and seminars.

An important goal is to stay in contact and to exchange experiences. Across all borders, worldwide.

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