Patronage of the AIJP for International Events

The awarding of an AIJP patronage is primarily intended for events that promote philately and philatelic literature in a special way. With the award of the Patronate, such events are recommended to both visitors and exhibitors. 

For the AIJP, this means that it also becomes a partner for such events, providing services. The guiding idea here is that of mutual benefit, which of course must also become visible.

For the AIJP this means that it sees itself as a partner of these events, that it ensures compliance with certain standards that are important for authors and journalists, but also that it seeks to contribute to success by disseminating multilingual information about these events in the philatelic press, which is supervised by its members.

In principle, every large exhibition, but also stamp fairs, salons and special events can be patronised by the AIJP, provided they meet the requirements of high quality and internationality.


Patronages by the AIJP for International Events

The AIJP unites the authors and specialist journalists of international philately. It strives to promote literature and current media coverage. It thus contributes to supporting the reputation and preservation of philately in society at home and abroad.

The AIJP will also actively support events on the spot and support them constructively with its own commitment when awarding its patronage. The following performance features are envisaged:


  1. a) Obligations of the AIJP
  • dispatch of the information to all members
  • details of the event on the Internet
  • report in selected well-known professional journals worldwide before and after the event
  • presentation of the event during the AIJP yearly convention (beforehand) and arrangement of an AIJP meeting during the event.
  • link on the AIJP home page to the the organiser’s home page
  • arrangement of contacts, if necessary advice
  • advertising use of the AIJP logo as support of the event
  • Where possible, active support on site, e.g. through supervision in reading rooms, preparation of literature exhibit catalogues, procurement of literature sponsors, etc.


  1. b) Obligations of the organiser
  • free admission for AIJP members
  • availability of a press room with free drinks/little catering
  • one free 1/1 page advertisement or appropriate place for an editorial presentation of the AIJP (provided that a catalogue is produced for the event)
  • link on the organiser’s home page to the AIJP home page
  • completion of a contract payment of patronage charges


Patronage Charges

  • 350 Euro for national events (fairs, stock exchanges, rank 1 exhibitions, salons)
  • 400 Euro for FEPA exhibitions
  • 600 Euro for international events (FIP exhibitions and the like)


A formless application for patronage can be made at any time. The certificate will be sent to applicants with an invoice. By payment of the patronage charges the obligations mentioned above are regarded as agreed.

Deviations or changes have duly to be agreed in writing. – Effective from January 2019

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