Official Partners of the AIJP


The AIJP unites philatelic authors and journalists from all over the world. The organisation supports the publication of philatelic articles and literature and promotes the publication of journalistic reports in the media.

  The work of the AIJP takes place on an honorary basis.This is the reason why the AIJP tries to co-operate with third parties; support from these parties can enable the AIJP to reach its aims, whilst facilitating primary and secondary goals of the supporting party.

There is the possibility of a partnership with the AIJP to promote its aims. Publishing houses for philatelic professional journals and/or catalogues can form a special partnership with the AIJP in which they purchase the right to print the AIJP logo and the title in their magazine with “recommended by the AIJP“.

There is the possibility of expanding this partner model to all products. The editions of each of them will then simply be added up and classified provided that a publishing house donates several titles.

A formless application can be carried out at any time and will be decided on after presentation of the literature products (in case that they are not aready known to the Executive Board).

The costs for these cooperation/partnership amount per annum (effective from July 2005):


Run Amount Run Amount Sponsor-Logo
until     5.000 100 Euro until   10.000 150 Euro
until   25.000 250 Euro until   50.000 350 Euro
until 100.000 500 Euro above 1.000 Euro


Furthermore a component of the co-operation is that the publishing houses switch four so-called fountain pen advertisements (1/8 until 1/4 p.) per year in the magazine published by them at their own expense in order to support the AIJP in the Bulletin. Provided that exclusively catalogues are published, an adapted alternative is also possible.

Partner agreements can be discontinued any time effective the subsequent year. Only leading publishing houses and catalogue publishers can become official partners. They have to have an impeccable reputation and will do their best to use this reputation in enhancing the activities and the reputation of the AIJP.


Current Partners of the AIJP


Komm. Rat Tatjana Westermayr
Mariahilfer Strasse 91 / Top 8
A-1060 Wien

Tel. +43 1 597 51 34

Deutsche Briefmarken-Revue (DBR)
Postfach 10 82 54
D-40863 Ratingen

Tel. +49 (0)21 02/2 04 68 30
Fax: +49 (0)21 02/89 58 25

Michel Rundschau
Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH
Ohmstraße 1
D-85716 Unterschleißheim

Tel. +49 (0)89/3 23 93-02
Fax: +49 (0)89/3 23 93-248

Schweizer Briefmarken Zeitung (SBZ)
Verband Schweizerischer Philatelistenvereine
Hans Schwarz
Buchmattweg 6
Postfach 2
CH-5022 Rombach

Tel. +41 (0)52 301 44 05

Leuchtturm Gruppe GmbH & Co. KG
Am Spakenberg 45
D-21502 Geesthacht

Tel. +49 (0)41 52/8 01-0
Fax: +49 (0)41 52/8 01-222

Die Briefmarke
Verband Österreichischer Philatelistenvereine
Getreidemarkt 1
A-1060 Wien

Tel. +43 (0)1/5 87 64 69
Fax: +43 (0)1/5 87 70 26

Sébastien Delcampe
Chaussée de Lessies 286
B-7060 Soignes





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