With the just published Newsletter No. 13, the exhibition in Athens is “ready to go”! The exhibition catalogue is already available on the event’s website (see: NOTOS2021_catalogue_low.pdf (hps.gr)), there are further important notes on entry and stay. See: https://hps.gr/notos2021/index.php/de/ Here is a brief overview:

Registration of your travel details
If you are visiting, please sign up into our database https://cometonotos.hps.gr and fill in your travel details. There are a million reasons for it.

Entry requirements to Greece

Before their arrival in Greece, visitors must fill in the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) and make sure that they carry an acceptable form of certification related to their Covid-19 vaccination status or to a latest test or to their health condition. Detailed information on the PLF,  vaccinations, tests etc. at the Hellenic Government website: https://travel.gov.gr

Customs formalities
National Commissioners and exhibitors entering Greece from outside the EU need to pass through the Customs Office at the Athens airport. A member of the OC will be there in order to speed up the necessary formalities with the exhibits. Details will be communicated soon.

Mounting of exhibits
All exhibits will be mounted on Thursday 18th November at the Zappeion from 10 am to as late in the evening as necessary.

Exhibit (frame) envelopes
No exhibit (frame) envelopes will be provided and sent out to the exhibitors. The exhibitors are kindly asked to prepare their own exhibit (frame) envelopes. Each frame (16-sheets) should be placed in one envelope, labeled outside with the exhibitor’s name, exhibit’s title and frame number. Frame numbers are already on-line.

Inventory sheets
No inventory sheets will be provided as well. On arrival at the Bin Room, each exhibit will be checked on a page-by-page basis between an OC representative and the Commissioner or the exhibitor (if a Commissioner is n/a). This process will replace the usual time consuming item-by-item counting.

Dispatch of your Literature exhibits
Please send your literature exhibits to:
c/o Hellenic Philatelic Society
Academias 57, GR-10679 Athens, Greece
tel no. (for the couriers) +30 6945 873531
Make sure they arrive in time. So please send them as early as possible and email to the OC the tracking number(s) of the package(s) as soon as you get to know them.

Checking the arrival of your Literature exhibits
On the Exhibits by Class or Exhibits by Country web pages you will notice the check sign next to an exhibit, meaning that this Literature exhibit has arrived safely at the OC.