(pcp-wm) The title of this English-language book already sounds promising, for it promises the reader “Gems of Philately of India”. The author, son of the renowned Indian philatelist Pradib Jain, fulfils this promise in a remarkable way.

Indeed, Indian philately is not only rich in various themes and occasions, but also in specialities, even rarities, which are known and outstanding worldwide. In this book, the author presents such a selection – starting with the year 1681 and the earliest known letter from the East India Company up to the year 2004: Not only stamps and letters from the classical period, but also those from more recent times up to modern times. They deserve to be called “jewels or gems of Indian philately”. Some are world rarities that are hard to beat.

The objects from philately and postal history are presented in an excellent way with all the necessary facts and explanations that allow a deeper understanding. They offer the reader insights into the history of the country – from colonial times to independence and the present. The attractive charm of the stamp, the appeal of old postal history documents and the high value of the rarities on display, some of which have museum character, are highlighted. The hardcover book is attractively and creatively designed. It is easy to read and can be recommended to anyone interested in Indian philately.

Format 24 x 24 cm, 205 pages, in colour, hardcover, price: 50 US-$ incl. shipping costs. Cover/Contact: e-mail gemsofphilately@gmail.com

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