(pcp-wm) As reported by a German auction house, some valuable pieces have been lost in the mail on their way to the examiner.

Since it cannot be ruled out that the theft is involved, eligible circles are asked for attention and support.

It concerns 13 pieces from the collecting area Schleswig-Holstein as follows (see also illustrations):

Mi. No. 6 margin piece on letter
Mi. no. 8 Single franking
Mi. no. 1 vertical pair on letter
Mi. no. 2 on letter
Mi. no. 8 + 14 on letter
Mi. no. 16 + 17 on letter
Mi. No. 15 and Prussia on letter to China
Mi. no. 25 on letter
Mi. no. 18 on Stockelsdorf letter
Mi. no. 18 + 16 on letter to the Netherlands
Michel No 14 (2) on letter
Mi. no. 6 Edge piece
Mi. no. 5 I with red stamp.

Should one or more of these items be offered on the market or should there be any information about their whereabouts, please contact the APHV (Universitätsstr. 5, 50937 Cologne, Phone +49 221-407900, Fax +49 221-409597, E-Mail Bundesverband@aphv.de).