(AIJP/pcp-wm) This renowned journal, which Jonas Hällström RDP FRPSL, one of Sweden’s best-known philatelists, has now taken over from his predecessor Morton Persson, is published five times a year. The latter was editor of the journal from 1994-2020, i.e. for 26 years, but was not the record holder. That honour goes to Ernst Gillberg, who was editor-in-chief from the first issue in 1937 and held that post until 1969. For 32 years, which was certainly also a record!

With over 100 pages, the journal is very varied, colourful and informative. It offers something for everyone: from thematic articles to classical or semi-classical philately. Understandably, the focus is on Sweden, but a look over the garden fence is not missing either. Especially not with the extensive auction overview. The magazine is professionally laid out and printed on the best paper. The quality of the colour reproductions of the stamps, which are often clearly enlarged, is impressive.

Jonas Hällström is a member of the AIJP, the World Association of Philatelic Authors and Journalists. He has been known for many years as a renowned specialist author and was the organisational director and spiritus rector of the unforgettable STOCKHOLMIA 2019, which has gone down in philatelic history. In the future, he intends to devote himself even more to his publishing tasks, among other things with this new journal he has taken over. The AIJP and all those who know him can only wish him continued success.