(pcp-wm) The Chairman of the Organising Committee, Frank Walton, announced that the literature class at the exhibition LONDON 2020 would probably be the largest ever at this event.

The number of registrations received by the end of 2019 should have confirmed his forecast. A total of 56 exhibits were registered from Germany alone, but only three of them were digital.

This overwhelming success is also to a large extent due to the advertising work of the AIJP, which called on its members to be present at this world exhibition. But a success has always many “fathers” and so it should not be overlooked that the London 2020 had also created good exhibition conditions that made participation easier.

In a few weeks the preparation of the reading room will start, where 1.000 and more visitors are expected. There will also be a special AIJP literature exhibition catalogue available free of charge, in which all exhibits will be presented. This is made possible by the support of the auctioneers Heinrich Köhler & Corinphila, who are generously supporting the literary section of London 2020.

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