(pcp-wm) , One might not believe one’s eyes and think that a scribbler might have made a mistake for a position, that it might have to be 4,400 or only 4,000 copies.

Far from it, because this number was announced by Harald Rauhut in Sindelfingen, who had a 64-page excerpt from his catalogue for the 194th auction on 16 November 2019 enclosed as a supplement for the magazines “Philatelie” and “Briefmarken Spiegel” on thin-print paper. In the meantime, many have probably already noticed this supplement, and in Sindelfingen it has also been distributed on a massive scale.

This special catalogue offers an excerpt from the extensive range of stamp collections and items that the Rauhut & Kruschel stamp auction house will offer. An attentive look is definitely worthwhile. Who does not receive the catalogs yet, can ask it at any time at the company (Tel. 02 08/3 30 98 or by E-Mail to: harald.rauhut@rau