The philatelic literature connoisseur and collector Abhishek Bhuwalka, who is well known beyond the borders of his home country India and who has been presenting interviews with renowned literary collectors and dealers in the US magazine “The Philatelic Literature Review” for almost two years, recently conducted a lengthy interview with the German author, journalist and literature lover Wolfgang Maassen. He introduces it by saying, “Philatelic researcher, writer, editor, publisher and organiser. All this and more is the tireless man from Schwalmtal-Waldniel in Germany – Antonius-Peter Wolfgang Maassen.

When Brian Birch, my last interviewee, says about him that he is the ‘greatest philatelic bibliographer of all time’, then Maassen is, in my opinion, the greatest philatelic historian of all time. With a writing career that began in the mid-1970s with writing on stamps for vending machines, focused on the stamps of Brazil in the late 1970s to early 1980s, and then turned to philatelic history and bibliography, Maaßen has published an enormous number of papers. …” This and much more, namely numerous autobiographical information on the career and development of this philatelic historian can be read in English at:

A translation into German is planned for 2022.

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