(pcp-wm) You could already read something about the new association founded two years ago in December 2019. See: https://aphv.de/ein-neuer-prestige-philately-club-in-prag/

Now it has become known that this club is preparing a museum philatelic show, the PPCP Biennial, at the Czech National Museum in Prague from 7-22 November 2020, where 25 exhibits – individual world rarities and rarities – will be on display from the 25 members of the club, another 15 from members of the Vienna Vindobona and 40 from members of the Club de Monte-Carlo. The museum exhibition is entitled “Treasures of World Philately” and includes not only objects of postal history but also philatelic history. 500 m2 have been set aside for this purpose, and the exquisite design of the exhibits will match the precious museum setting. The Czech Post will accompany the event with new issues of stamps, and the number of visitors is expected to be around 50,000.

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