(Axel Brockmann/pcp) Applaud or simply say “thank you”: The heroes of Corona pandamas in health care, nursing, research and in all areas that are important for a community are celebrated.

In Iran, one of the most severely affected countries, there is now a stamp issue for everyday heroes as a token of gratitude. Iran’s rulers must also show activity after the pandemic was played down for a long time and probably some fine figures were passed on. The sanctions are also having an impact on access to medicines. Thus this small stamp makes frighteningly clear how important protective measures are, even though they are associated with considerable restrictions for people and require people who are prepared to help in this situation despite the increased risk of infection.

Stamp collectors are also affected by Corona. Club meetings, exchange days and exhibitions are cancelled for the time being. On the other hand, stamp collecting at home and the exchange of letters electronically or with the good old yellow post is experiencing a boom. At least the hobby can be practiced as a family hobby: Anyone who has been saving stamps to redeem over the years will now find the time to get involved with stamps. Removing, drying, sorting or simply looking at the motifs. This also makes it possible to travel to foreign countries that are currently closed. Suddenly you find the time for it. The hobby is also current – the stamp from Iran shows that.