(ok/pcp-wm) The collection of Swiss stamps and postal stationeries continues to enjoy great popularity at Switzerland and abroad. This is not only due to price stability of the Swiss franc, but also to the intelligent issuing policy of Swiss Post.

This policy shows collectors the diversity of the historical, tourist and folkloric aspects of the country.

Despite the already high level, numerous price increases could still be made, especially in the areas of cantonal stamps, Swiss offices, ATM, local editions, hotel postage stamps, etc. In the case of stamp rolls, se-tenants with control imprints are now listed and evaluated separately for the first time.

The Switzerland Special with its 472 pages, more than 4 300 illustrations and well over 33 000 price quotations lists a large number of variations, plate errors, paper and print variants that not only delight the specialist but also encourage the less advanced collector to take a closer look at his stamps. The hardcover catalogue will be available for 69.90 euros from 6 September 2019 in specialist and book shops. ISBN 978-3-95402-280-9.