(ok/pcp-wm) Liechtenstein is celebrating in 2019the “300th anniversary of Liechtenstein”. This refers to the 1719 unification of the two dominions of Schellenberg and Vaduz. This region became a principality directly linked to the emperor Charles VI. This created the basis for the now sovereign state of Liechtenstein.

This for Liechtenstein decisive event was honored this year by various stamp and coin issues, which collectors will find recorded in the corresponding sections of the new MICHEL Liechtenstein Special 2019/2020.

In addition, there are other editions dealing with life in Liechtenstein and important international events, such as the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci. However, his portrait of Ginevra de Benci is no longer part of the princely collections today, as can be seen from the description of the stamp MiNr. 268. A small example of the sometimes surprising information that can be found in a MICHEL.

Also in this year’s edition all chapters of the MICHEL Liechtenstein Special have been carefully revised, many novelties have been added and the evaluations have been checked. This led to numerous revaluations, whereby the letter valuations in particular are to be mentioned, in which one can notice particularly many increases in value.

The hardcover catalogue with 512 pages, 2 400 colour illustrations and about 23 000 price quotations is available for 46.00 Euro from 6 September 2019 in specialist and bookstores. ISBN 978-3-95402-283-0.