(ok/pcp-wm) The MICHEL volume “Schmetterlinge – Ganze Welt” is now available in its second edition. This is a sign of the popularity of this collection, but also of the fascination that butterflies exert.

If you take a closer look at the stamps with butterflies, you will find two other animal species that are fascinated by butterflies, namely dogs and especially cats. It is really amazing how often you find the combination “cat with butterfly” on stamps.

A stamp collector will of course approach the subject of “butterflies on stamps” differently than a cat. He sees in the butterfly stamps less the possible hunting prey than rather a means to deal with nature or to take the scientific systematics as a basis for a collection.

One could also make the economic importance of butterflies the object of a collection. Butterflies and their caterpillars can cause considerable damage to crops, but on the other hand the silkworm is the basis for more than 5000 years of silk production. Once again, this shows that stamp collectors have a very diversified picture of the world.

This volume contains stamp issues from 1930, when Lebanon dedicated an issue to silkworm breeding, until the summer of 2019. Thus a high degree of actuality could be achieved.

Dates: 504 pages, in colour, with approx. 5,000 illustrations and about 30,000 price quotations. paperback. Retail price: 69.90 Euro. ISBN 978-3-95402-228-6. Available in specialist and book shops. www.michel.de