(ok/pcp-wm) This new work contains stamp catalogues from Poland and Russia (including the Soviet era) and the USSR successor states of Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus.

One focus of the work was on reviewing and updating price quotations. There are movements in the entire <ork, perhaps particularly pronounced in Poland after the millennium. The demand for Soviet types of perforation is also reflected in their rising prices.

Again, numerous editorial changes and improvements were introduced. The exact stamp configuration is now given for small se-tenant sheets. Valuations of four-stripes or blocks of four were added, as well as of stamp/ornamental field units from counter sheets.

In the Soviet Union, eight new varieties were added, some with four-digit prices. The area “Port Gdansk” scores now with new coloured illustrations, and a type difference with the MiNr. 1 of Poland was introduced. Also the price quotations of the stamp booklets were extended. The users will also find an evaluation of the canceled stamps. Not to be forgotten is the inclusion of almost 600 new MICHEL numbers.

Data: 1,280 pages, in colour, with approx. 15,000 illustrations and approx. 63,000 price quotations. Hardcover with ribbon. Retail price: 74 Euro. ISBN 978-3-95402-297-7 Available in specialist and book shops. www.michel.de