(pcp-wm) Postal history is still a trend that inspires philatelists in many countries.

However, while the established magazines are mostly aimed at more advanced readers, offering in part very specialized studies, the publication “POST HORN-Magazine of International Postal History”, which was presented in May 2019 in Stockholm by its editor Dr Claudio Manzatti with a zero number, takes a completely different approach.

On the one hand, the issues are published in English, which is already unusual. Secondly, the previous issues are perfectly and aesthetically very appealingly designed by a professional artist and graphic designer, which is also an exception. Thirdly, however – and this is probably the most important thing – the content is also interesting and readable for non-post-historians. History such as “The transport of mail and the fumigation of letters in Piraeus at the time of the cholera epidemic of 1884” are just as fascinating as the insights into “Ethiopia’s unique postal history”. Everything is richly illustrated and this first edition is a paperback that contains almost 100 pages. Further information about the purchase is available at board@posthornmagazine.com

The second magazine to be mentioned here is “CURSORES”. This is already in its 12th year and may rather be considered as a well-established journal for more advanced postal historians. The equally nearly 100 pages in DIN A4 format are in Italian and cover a broad spectrum with numerous professional articles. The layout is traditional, but perfectly done. All articles are also abundantly illustrated in colour. Publisher is Luca Lavagnino for the association A.I.S.P. In the imprint you will miss the e-mail address, which can be found here: lavagnino.luca@gmail.com

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