(wm) The publisher of the renowned MICHEL catalogues, Schwaneberger Verlag in Germany, has begun with a major task: the conversion of its database. Unfortunately – says MICHEL – this may lead to “unforeseen delays” announced. These delays could also affect the publication dates of the Europa catalogue series which have been planned so far, although this cannot yet be said with certainty. The current planning dates are as follows: MICHEL Central Europe (EC 1): 3 May 2019; South Western Europe (EC 2): 5 July 2019; Southern Europe (EC 3): 5 July 2019; South Eastern Europe (EC 4): 6 September 2019; Northern Europe + North Western Europe (EC 5 + EC 6): 8 November 2019; Eastern Europe (EC 7): 6 December 2019. The overseas catalogues “Caribbean Islands” (CC 2.1 + 2.2) are not expected to be published until 2020.