“POST HORN”, a new international magazine about Postal History, is ready to make its global debut. The editorial board includes Thomas Mathà and Giorgio Migliavacca, as well as chief editor and publisher Claudio E. M. Manzati. The trial issue (“zero number”) will be officially presented at Stockholmia 2019 on 31 May as part of the meeting of the Association Internationale des Journalistes Philatéliques (AIJP).

The magazine will be published two times a year; members of theCIFO (Italian Society of Collectors of Definitive Stamps) are entitled to a free subscription; the debut edition and the first issue will be sent free of charge to all International Postal History Societies and Organisations and Philatelic Libraries.

POST HORN is aimed at a wide audience to attract readers worldwide who are interested in postal history. Its goal is presenting articles with a very attractive layout and extensive use of illustrations to appeal to a new wave of postal history enthusiasts. The magazine will be designed by the well-known senior designer Elisa Volpato, who has imparted the magic touch that has made Italian design famous. POST HORN is lavishly produced and most articles will be in English. Furthermore, effective from 22 March, readers will be able to download the text of the various articles in the author’s language at. The internet address is www.posthornmagazine.com.

Thomas Mathà and designer Elisa Volpato will introduce POST HORN on Saturday 23 March to the Italian public at Milanofil 2019, as part of the traditional meeting organised by the Italian Philatelic Press Union (USFI). During Milanofil 2019 POST HORN will be available at CIFO’s booth. Editor and publisher of POST HORN is Claudio Ernesto M. Manzati. His address is Via Cesare Pascarella 5, 20157 Milano-MI (ITALY), Telephone +39 3398408189. The internet addrsse is www.posthornmagazine.com; email can be sent to born@posthornmagazine.com