(PTT Lux./pcp-wm) In Germany and in many other countries, it would hardly be conceivable, but the “85th anniversary of the FSPL” (Fédération des Sociétés philatéliques du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg) is worth a block of stamps issued by the Post Office

It has been designed by Martin Mörk, graphic designer based in Stockholm. On 22 February 1934 Henri Schwinnen, Emil Adam, Eugéne Lemmer and Bernard Wolff signed the statutes of this association as presidents of the association in Luxembourg city . which transformed it from a “société de fait” to an “association sans but lucratif” in accordance with the 1928 law.

In January 1934, even before this signing, the FSPL had applied for admission to the “Federation Internationale de Philatelie” (FIP). At the time, the FSPL had five associations with around 500 members, 390 of whom were members of the oldest association in Luxembourg, the Union des Timbrophiles (UTL).

Today, the FSPL still has some 1 700 active members in 30 associations and works on five commissions: the “Commission d’Etudes”, the Commission for Traditional Philately & Postal History, the Commission for Thematic Philately, the Commission for Maximaphilie and the Commission for Youth Philately.

An important moment for the Association was the opening of the Foyer de la Philatelie on 25 October 1966, where the FSPL has its official headquarters and administration and from where it can organise the preparation of its events. “Le Moniteur du Collectionneur”, the official magazine published five times a year by the FSPL, provides all collectors with interesting and up-to-date information.

The FSPL is a committed partner in the FIP and has organized numerous international and world stamp exhibitions till today.
1952: 100 years of Luxembourg stamps
1963: Millenary of the city of Luxembourg
1969: World Youth Stamp Exhibition (FIP) “Juventus 1969”
1978: World Youth Stamp Exhibition (FIP) “JUPHILUX 1978”
1988: World youth stamp exhibition (FIP) “JUVALUX 1988
1998: Wide Stamp Exhibition (FIP) for Youth & Postal History “JUVALUX 1998”
2012: Treasures of Philately: Here philatelic rarities from the collections of the British Queen Elizabeth II were shown.

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