(pcp-wm) The highly endowed CG Förderpreis Philatelie will be awarded in 2019for the seventh time.

Christoph Gärtner’s aim was, in his words, “to promote philatelic research and make a contribution to the preservation of philatelic knowledge. We therefore decided to support regular publications, both digital and printed. The high number of participants from all over the world in the first three years has confirmed our continued commitment in this field.”

All study groups, clubs, associations, federations as well as publishers of philatelic journals and newsletters that publish a periodical can take part in the worldwide competition. Print media, digital media and the promotion of young talents/new philatelists are to be considered as a whole. The jury evaluates and advises completely independently from the auction house Christoph Gärtner.

All submissions received by 15 October 2019 will be considered for this year’s competition. This year’s award ceremony will again take place during MonacoPhil 2019 on 28 November 2019 in Monte-Carlo. Further information and registration forms can be found at www.cg-award.com