The pandemic has thrown up many challenges, but one issue that the Organising Committee was not expecting to have to solve was that in the two years between 2020 and 2022 the planning regulations regarding traffic access around the Business Design Centre (BDC) in Islington have changed…

The new rules have considerably restricted the number of articulated lorries that can access the building on any one day, and the main doors to the loading bay cannot be even opened on Sundays. Furthermore, nighttime working is now forbidden. All of these changes mean that breaking down the competitive exhibits and removing the frames, as well as the furniture for the trade stands, cannot be achieved in the two days immediately after the show close as was previously planned.

The potential answer was simple: extend the booking by a day. Unfortunately, one of the biggest exhibitions held at the BDC opens immediately after London 2022 closes, which makes any extension impossible.

Thus, the only way it will be possible to dismantle the exhibition before our booking expires is to start taking down the exhibits one day earlier than planned, i.e. on Friday 25 February.


Following the successful formula adopted at London 2010, the exhibits will be on display in two sections. The allocation of classes to the half of the week are unchanged. Exhibits of Postal History, Postal Stationery, Open Class, Picture Postcards, Revenues and part of the Youth Class will be on display from Saturday 19 February until noon on Tuesday 22 February. Entries of Traditional Philately, Aerophilately, Thematics, the remainder of the Youth Class, plus exhibits for the World Stamp Championship, can be seen from Wednesday 23 February until noon on Friday 25 February. On Saturday 26 February the exhibits that have been recognised as the ‘Best in Class’, as well as the Grand Prix and World Stamp Championship winners will be on display on the Mezzanine floor.

Dealer Stands Unaffected

The opening times of the dealer stands at London 2022 are not affected by these changes. The bourse will be open each day from 10am to 6pm, apart from the final Saturday when the hall will close at 4pm.


Entry costs £10 on the first day and is free of charge on all other days. As with all FIP exhibitions, jurors, commissioners, stand holders and exhibitors will be provided with free day-1 entry tickets before the show. Furthermore, patrons, supporters and volunteers will also not need to pay on the first day. Tickets can be purchased from Please contact for details of the arrangements for volunteers.

The restriction in the viewing time of the exhibits is greatly regretted – but unfortunately there is no other solution to empty the building in the time available to us.


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