(pcp-wm) Since 1 November 2019, the new fixed price offer from the Grünwalder specialist dealer Christian Geigle has been available.

Geigle himself says in the foreword: “What began 33 years ago with a thin photocopied price list without illustrations has developed into a full-blown five-pounder …”. We can only confirm it . Interested people, who examine this book will find a hardcover book with dust jacket, 732 pages in large format DIN A4. These catalogues are no longer a usual price list.

Equally unusual, however, is their content, which covers about the entire philately of Germany from the German Reich in 1871 on. There are big and small rarities, everything important is checked up-to-date and as always is in excellent condition.

This time, however, the recipients of this catalogue had to expect a second one which comes along under the keyword “Große Philatelie” as “Sonderkatalog Deutsche Markenheftchen- und Zusammendruckbogen”. In view of the formats of these sheets, the term fits perfectly and, thanks to the brilliant full-page illustrations, this sometimes very rare or even unique material is presented in the best possible way. Many of these rare exceptional pieces are in the four- to five-digit range, more modern ones from the post-war period are sometimes in the two-digit one, but exceptions also confirm the rule here. With these special catalogues Christian Geigle has indeed succeeded in “Great Philately”, as it is rarely seen and offered in such abundance.

Contact: Christian E. Geigle, stamp dealer, Almrauschstraße 5, 82031 Grünwald, Postfach 1222, 82026 Grünwald, Tel. 0 89/69 39 51 81, E-Mail: info@geigle-philatelie.de