(wm) It is quite unusual for an association to celebrate its 150th anniversary in the way the Royal Philatelic Society in London did on its founding day, 10 April 1869. The ‘Royal’ did this by inviting its former Presidents to show their own philatelic activities to the public with a special exhibit of their choice. This happened on April 10, 2019, when ten “Past Presidents” of the Royal Philatelic Society showed their treasures at the ‘home’ of the association at Devonshire Place in London. Patrick C. Pearson (term of office: 1988–1990) was amongst them, just like Dr. Alan K. Huggins (1990-1992), Jane Moubray (1996-1998), Gavin Fryer (2000-2003), David Beech (2003-2005), Christopher G. Harman (2005-2007), Alan N. Moorcroft (2009-2011), Brian Trotter (2011-2013), Christopher M. B. King (2013-2015) and Frank Walton (2015-2017). The aforementioned terms of office show that the Presidents of this venerable association usually have only two years in office, which is perhaps one of the reasons for the Society’s unbroken commitment, which constantly surprises its members and others in philately with new ideas and activities.

Ten “Past Presidents” gathered on 10 April 2019 around the bust of Sir Daniel Cooper, the first President of the Royal Philatelic Society, London. Photo: RPSL

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