(wm) Last month a new book of the German philatelic historian Wolfgang Maassen (title: “Dr. Paul Singer & the History of Shanahan Auctions”) was presented. Only a few days later the American antiquarian Leonhard Hartman reported the publication worldwide and promptly the first print run was sold out within a very short time. For the publishing company, Phil*Creativ Verlag in Schwalmtal, its managing director Michael Maassen commented: “We have never experienced anything like this before. The orders of the resellers exceeded all our expectations. From all sides there is interest for this book. A reprint has already been initiated, but will take some time to have it ready for delivery.”

At the moment, the publisher in Schwalmtal has its hands full with various deliveries, especially where it concerns the STOCKHOLMIA exhibition catalogues. The limited hardcover set of the STOCKHOLMIA catalogue is particularly in demand. These are the joys and sorrows of a specialist publishing house that has been making a lot of headlines lately.