(sh/pcp-wm) For 10 years the association “Graine de Vie” has been actively participating in the reforestation of Madagascar. Behind this project is its founder, the notary Frédéric Debouche.

This precious initiative for the survival of our planet has inspired Delcampe SRL to donate 10,000 trees to “Graine de Vie”. This donation was made as part of a charitable project launched by Delcampe SRL on the occasion of its 20th anniversary.

Preserving the environment for future generations is a goal that Delcampe is very attached to. This is also the reason why the company decided to publish an online magazine in 2016 instead of publishing it in paper form, thus offering all its services on the Internet. “We try not to print anything and we have long decided to strictly separate waste within the company. But these measures only reduce our ecological footprint. With these 10,000 trees, we are going a step further. They are essential to saving the planet. Initiatives like ‘Graine de Vie’ enable us to take this step in the right direction. We are very happy to be able to contribute to it”, explains Sébastien Delcampe.

Since 2009, ‘Graine de Vie’ has planted around 20 million trees. “This year we will exceed the 30 million mark”, explains Frédéric Debouche. “More and more companies and people are aware of the urgency of environmental issues. When we created ‘Graine de Vie’, this was our main objective. However, we quickly realised that while awareness raising is good, without concrete action we will not get very far. That is why we started planting trees in Madagascar. In agreement with the local population and based on donations from individuals and companies like Delcampe. These projects are concrete and will continue to grow. We have planned to plant trees in other African countries, always in collaboration with the authorities and the population.

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