(aphv/pcp-wm) In these changing times, printed matter is hardly up-to-date when it is published. All trade journals have this problem, so it makes sense to publish an update for upcoming auctions:

2 April: 222nd auction Karl Pfankuch & Co., Braunschweig (only remote auction with online live bidding)
April 4: Dr. Derichs auction: TROST collection, part I (postponed indefinitely)
4 April: Jennes & Klüttermann auction, Cologne (live online auction only, no room auction)
8 April: Kirstein-Larisch auction, Munich (postponed to 4-6 June)
17-18 April: Axel Lenz auction, Singen (only online live auction (without lots 7722-9445), no room auction)
17-18 April: Schwarzenbach auction, Zurich (postponed, possibly until autumn 2020)
20-22 April: Schlegel auction, Berlin (postponed, possibly end of May/beginning of June 2020)
22-24 April: Hadersbeck auction, Berlin (only online live auction – without collections and lots -, no room auction)
April 24: 109th Veuskens auction, Hildesheim (with live bidding)
23-25 April: Deider auction, Munich
30 April: 197th Rauhut & Kruschel auction, Mülheim/Ruhr