(Wiesbaden/pcp) On 14 December 2019, Germany’s oldest stamp auction house Heinrich Köhler invites you to the second auction of unique treasures from the “Collection ERIVAN – Altdeutsche Staaten” in Wiesbaden.

After the grandiose opening auction with a million record price for the world-famous “Baden-Fehldruck” in June of this year, collectors can look forward to a unique selection of fantastic stamps and letters from the extensive Erivan Haub collection. Lovers of the various collection areas of Old Germany will once again have the unique opportunity to acquire further important items from the ERIVAN collection.

Small and large rarities from Baden to Württemberg

Erivan Haub has always had an eye for the special as well as the highest standards of quality and rarity in his general collection of Old German States over many decades. This is also reflected in the more than 300 exclusive lots of the upcoming auction, which show a unique cross-section of his outstanding collection. Nearly all collection areas of the Old German States are represented and offer everything a collector’s heart desires, from small rarities to the greatest treasures of exclusive provenance.

Once again, the Baden collection area is represented with one of its most important pieces, the well-known 1 Kr. sweep-printing 3-stripe with intermediate bridge on letter piece (lot 4 – calling): 30,000 euros.

A beautiful letter with a horizontal 4-stripe of the ½ Schilling black on light blue enchants the Bergedorf lovers (lot 47 – calling): 30.000 Euro. It is the largest used strip unit of this stamp and one of only two known used 4-stripes of Bergedorf.

Bremen excells with a letter to Havana/Cuba and a beautiful mixed franking of the perforated 5 Grote black on mattgrey brown and 10 Grote black (lot 74 – starting: 10.000 Euro).

A real highlight for the Mecklenburg-Schwerin collectors is a letter with the complete 1st edition of 1856, the 3/4 Schilling red, 3 Schilling yellowish orange and 5 Schilling blue, on a registered envelope to Dunkirk, France (lot 126 – calling: 10,000 Euro).

Another Altdeutschland rarity of the first rank is an Oldenburg 1/3 Groschen black on green on printed matter (lot 139 – calling out: 25,000 Euro). Single frankings of this stamp are extremely rare, the one offered here is one of the best known and most beautiful pieces of Oldenburg philately.

Last, but not least, we would like to point out a beautiful “Saxony-Triple”, which presents itself in almost perfect condition on a complete cruciate ligament consignment (lot 257 – c In addition, numerous other coveted stamps and letters from all collection areas of the Old German States will be announced. The moderate starting prices – with various lots in the three-figure range – again promise highly exciting bidding battles.

Invitation to the Inauguration Ceremony on 13 December 2019

111 years after Heinrich Köhler’s first auction in Paris in 1908, Germany’s oldest stamp auction house has found a new home. Since 1st November the team of Heinrich Köhler can be found in Hasengartenstraße 25, 65189 Wiesbaden. The move to the new business premises is to be celebrated together with the company’s customers and friends. On the day before the second ERIVAN auction, 13 December 2019, the auction house Heinrich Köhler invites you to the official opening of the new office from 3 p.m. onwards. On this day, guided tours through the new premises can be conveniently combined with the opportunity to view the auction lots. The Köhler team is looking forward to numerous encounters and exciting conversations with fine small delicacies from the kitchen. Merely a registration up to 10. December 2019 is requested.


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