Right at this moment the general feeling is that most exhibitors are reluctant to make plans to participate, let alone get on a plane and visit an international exhibition. Eventually, sometime later on, everything will return to normal, but no one can safely predict when.

Respecting the intentions and requests of our prospective exhibitors and visitors, we pushed back the deadlines to their favour, hoping that these changes will encourage them to participate and travel to Athens. The amended articles in the IREX are:

Article 9.3: Deadline for submitting entry forms to the OC is 31 May 2021 (old date: 28 February)

Article 9.4: The applicants will be notified by 15 June 2021 (old date: 30 April)

Article 10.2: Entry fees should reach the OC by 15 July 2021 (old date: 30 June)

An additional opportunity to participate with 8 frames

The coronavirus stripped the philatelic calendar from all FIP exhibitions in 2020 and the first half of 2021. They have been either cancelled or postponed to a later date. This meant in turn that some exceptional exhibits missed the opportunity to be exhibited in 5 frames, score easily 85 points or more and be able to apply in NOTOS 2021 with 8 frames.

Hence, in Article 8.4, a new paragraph (d) was added as follows: 8 frames optionally, for exhibits that have been awarded 95 points or more in a previous national or international exhibition, subject to the approval of the respective national Federation.

For further information see www.hps.gr/notos2021www.hps.gr/notos2021