(MICHEL-PR/pcp) Schwaneberger Verlag recently issued a press release on a new book title that clearly differs from the usual and familiar literature produced by the publisher.

Therefore, this statement is reproduced in the following (wording):
“MICHEL receives many inquiries concerning the handling of MICHEL products. In addition, there are letters to the editor of the MICHEL-Rundschau. Among these letters are many which are of interest to collectors and which we therefore publish in the MICHEL-Rundschau.
As we know from our reader surveys, the sections ‘Letters to the Editor’ and ‘Letters to the Editor’ belong to those parts of the MICHEL-Rundschau which are particularly popular to read.

Over the years we have accumulated a wealth of philatelic knowledge, from which we have selected more than 100 particularly interesting questions and answers for this book, which concern many areas of philately.

This compilation from many years of the MICHEL-Rundschau provides information about general and special topics of stamp collecting, gives tips for beginners and advanced philatelists, and probably even the most clever collectors will find something here they didn’t know yet. We also hope that the entertaining aspects of philately will not be neglected. You should collect stamps seriously, but please don’t be dogged. After all, it is a leisure activity that should bring variety and relaxation.

So if you want to know who Gaston Fontanille or Hans Dürer were, here you will find answers as well as to questions about stamp production, the determination of stamps or the analysis of postal items. In an index, we have attempted to provide an overview of the various topics so that you can find a particular question more quickly.

We hope you enjoy reading this new MICHEL book. And perhaps you will show it to your friends and relatives who do not collect stamps. They will then understand much better why stamp collecting is so fascinating.”

This reads well, at least in the advance notice. You have to be surprised by the contents. Anyone interested in the subject can buy the brochure (216 pages) at a price of 29.80 euros from 6 September 2019 onwards in specialist shops and bookstores. ISBN 978-3-95402-267-0.

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