(pcp/wm) In 1939, a suitable military address had to be found for the local work crews in the Engadine coming from different units, who were replaced from time to time by other soldiers. For this purpose, the Field Post Directorate chose field post n

The numbering began with 5001, so that a confusion with any units or staffs was not possible. About 1,100 field post numbers were issued and an exact list was kept at the Directorate of Field Posts. As a rule, a field postmark was issued for each assigned field post number in order to stamp outgoing mail. Special postmarks were created with German, French and Italian texts. On August 20, 1945 the active service officially ended. The use of field post numbers in the Post service of then prisoners ended on November 1, 1945.

Geissmann’s commendable study registers all these fieldpost numbers and discuss them individually. For each field post number, the reader can find the details of the military unit behind it, the date on which the number was allocated and canceled, the number of operating days and, if necessary, additional remarks. A series of colour of commented illustrations rounds off the information content.

The special issue of the magazine “Post & geschichte” (48 pages, cart.) was published in May 2019 and is available at 18 Sfr. from Verlag Post und Geschichte GmbH, Wiesenweg 4, CH-5614 Sarmenstorf, e-mail: mail@post-und-geschichte.ch

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