(Frank Walton-London/AIJP) The COVID-19 situation in the UK continues to improve, with some face-to-face philatelic events starting again in July 2021. This allows the Organising Committee to be even more confident that London 2022 will happen. 

Competitive Frames
In Newsletter No. 20, I outlined the possibility of allowing exhibits that scored very highly at national exhibitions to go to go straight to eight frames rather than five for a first time being shown at an FIP show. The FIP Board considered this, but they concluded that it was not appropriate for FIP Patronage exhibitions. A revised IREX has now been finalised and approved by the FIP. 

Literature Class
This class is open again for further applications to take part in London 2022, and I am delighted to report new books have been entered. The fee is only £25, and only one copy of a book is needed. All new applications must be sent to your National Commissioner, who must submit them to the Commissioner General by 31 May 2021. Literature application forms can be downloaded from www.london2022.co/literature. 

Social Media
We are pleased to announce our presence on social media platforms. You can find us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/2022London and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/London2022. Please follow, like and share these pages for news and updates about the event. 

Further to my comments in Newsletter 20, I am delighted to say that every selected juror has been contacted inviting them to confirm that that they will come to London next year. Of the 80% of replies received, so far only one has declined. We are still waiting for replies from a handful of people, so if you were on the jury but have not replied – please get in touch by emailing jurysecretary@london2022.co. 

I am delighted to report that some booths have now been re-sold. If you are at all interested in taking a stand, or indeed if you initially withdrew but now want to attend, have a look at the latest position on the website www.london2022.co/floorplan to see what is currently available. Please contact boothsales@london2022.co for further information if you are interested in taking a trade stand.