(pcp-wm) Anyone who knows the president of the Club de Monte-Carlo, Patrick Maselis, knows that he is always good for a humorous punch line.

Just as well known are his postcards, which he sends several times a year from the most remote places in the world to philatelic friends and colleagues. All this is no longer possible for well-known reasons. Instead of letting his head hang down, he simply declared his home town and place of residence to be his number one holiday destination and praised it with humorous words. With a good temperature the wine cellar is the most sought-after place, there are a few collectors, good drinks and last but not least “Siska’s pannenkoeken” (Siska is his wife’s first name). The postcard is personalized with stamp and stamp – and it should encourage all collectors to come through the not easy time. Because everyone has the same fate, but you can also take it with a finely spiced pinch of humour.

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