(pcp-wm) BDPh Treasurer Walter Bernatek announced that not only the exhibit fee for literature (approx. 28 Euro!) at the FIP World Exhibition London 2020, but also the commissioner’s fee takes this approach into account in a special way.

Instead of 30 euros per exhibit, the fee is only 20 euros for the first and only 10 euros for each further exhibit. The Association of German Philatelists understands this measure – it was in discussion with the AIJP, the World Association of Philatelic Authors and Journalists – as a special promotion of literature that is so important for philately. This is especially true for digital literature, which has been admitted to a FIP exhibition in London for the first time in many years and for which both LONDON 2020 and IBRA 2021 want to try out new regulations.

Working groups and study groups thus have the inexpensive opportunity to present not only their monographs and/or newsletters in London, but also their own websites. Publishers can show catalogues and other publications in larger numbers in view of the much lower costs than usual. The AIJP will take care of a considerable reading room/area both in London 2020 and in Essen 2021 and will probably publish a separate free (!) literature catalogue for LONDON 2020, which every visitor to the reading area will receive.

The best news at the end: The registration deadline for London 2020 runs until the end of the year! Application forms and everything else can be found at www.london2020.co/

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