(aiep-tm/pcp) During the last Annual General Meeting of the AIEP in Plovdiv, Bulgaria (October 18, 2019) the following new experts have been elected as new members of the association (with specialization):

Lars Jørgensen, Belgium: Denmark, Danish West Indies, Transvaal
Dr. Gertlieb Gmach, Germany: Old Romania (stamps and postal history) up to 1872, Austrian Post in the Danubian Principalities up to 1869 (stamps and postal history)
Bernhard Furnon, France: Russia: Zemstvos Philately (stamps and postal history)
Dr. Wolfgang Leupold, Germany: Russian Socialist Soviet Republic 1918-1923 (stamps and postal history)
Peter Meyer, Brazil: Brazilian Stamps from 1843 to 1943
Julius Cacka, Czech Republic: Space Mail USSR/Russia, Postmarks of the Space-theme Russia, USSR, Czech Republic
Alfred Khalastchy, United Kingdom: Baghdad, Iraq, Mosul
Dr. Kyriakos Papathanassiou, Greece: Greece, Large Hermes Heads 1861-1886 (stamps + postal history)
Yakup Nakri obtained the extension for the following area: Turkey and Great Ottoman Empire: stamps and postal history 1840-1950
At the FEPA exhibition, Tsar Simeon II of Saxony-Coburg-Gotha was awarded an honorary Hunziker medal for special services to philately.

Thomas Matha (left), President of the AIEP, presents the Honorary Hunziker Medal to Tsar Simeon II in the presence of Igor Rodin (right). From AIEP

Alfred Khalastchy, United Kingdom

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