(pcp-wm) At the end of November 2019, the AIJP Board unanimously decided to propose IBRA 2021 as the venue for its 2021 Congress at the upcoming London Congress in May 2020.

The choice was either Essen or NOTOS 2021 in Athens, both events and venues that would be very suitable for a congress. The decision to favour Essen and IBRA 2021 was made in view of the large number of German members. Already in 2009, a congress was held in Essen for IBRA 2009, in which more than 80 members from numerous countries took part at the time. The board’s decision still requires the approval of the upcoming congress in London.

In 2009, the AIJP Congress took place in the Blumenhof of the Essen Exhibition Centre. Photo: Wilhelm van Loo