For the exhibition in Stockholm on 28.5.–2.6.2019 two catalogues will be published (Catalogue 1: exhibition catalogue, large format, approx. 430 pages; Catalogue 2: literature catalogue, large format, approx. 350 pages), which are available softbound at 20 euros each (as a set for 35 euros). A limited-edition hardbound version of both volumes is available at 75 euros per set.

In addition to the usual exhibition and exhibitor details, the catalogues contain extensive specialist sections which are of particular interest to those interested in philately and literature and have never before been published. In total more than 1,500 colour illustrations (!) are included.
The sale or dispatch of pre-orders will commence on 11 April 2019 from Germany. From 18 to 20 April 2019 the catalogues will be available in advance at the Multilateral Exhibition in Gouda at the stand of Corinphila and from 9 to 11 May 2019 during the 29th International Stamp Fair in Essen at the stand of Phil*Creativ Verlag, so that visitors can save on postage.

Orders are possible on the website from February. Shipping costs per catalogue/package within Germany: 6 euros, EU: 11 euros, NON-EU and rest of the world: 18 euros. For tracking / insurance add 2.50 euros (Europe) or 4 euros (worldwide). Double these amounts are due for a set, because due to the weight of almost 3 kg they can only be shipped in much more costly packaging. The exclusive distributor for the catalogues is the Phil*Creativ Verlag publishing house at 41366 Schwalmtal, Vogelsratherweg 27, Germany, Tel. ++ 49 / 21 63 / 48 66. The catalogues are not available in bookshops. Please send enquiries/orders by email to: