At the end of 2020, another new post-historical publication will be published, and what a kind! It concerns a set of 4 books with a total of no less than 1.780 pages and a total weight of approx. 16 kg! This book set is the crème de la crème for all those concerned with postal history from or through the United Kingdom to any place in the world, whether it is the USA, South America, Asia, Australian colonies, or the European mainland.

Parts 2, 3 and 4 already contain the postal announcements of the British Postmaster General regarding mail to every corner of the world. Departure schedules, routes, rates, … and this in original (large) and well readable format. Part 1 is the index book. Partly thanks to Covid-19, this has been intensively worked on for approximately 14 months and the result is approximately 1.500 keywords so that you can find all the necessary information in the 3 parts without any problems and super quickly. In attachment you will find some examples so that you get a better view of the books.

The well-known and famous postal historian James Van der Linden says the following about this indispensable book set for postal historians:

“The author’s scientific approach to this gigantic mass of postal history information summarized in the British Postal notices, demands a professional background, patience, and endurance in amassing the ‘Postal Notices’ of the London archives, bringing them to an adequate and readable size and arranging them in consecutive dates.

But this was just the beginning of the work, as his ambition was to split the information up in three period volumes, and last but not least to create a fourth volume: an ‘Index book’ which is the absolute cherry on the cake!

This volume gives the postal history student an encyclopedic working, alphabetic arranged tool in the study of the British worldwide postal service information, with a variety of postal instructions on packets, routes, foreign countries, maritime facts, transits, exchange offices and rate tables.

The ‘Index Book’ is a source of information on nearly every country and place of the world, with all concerned notices summarized by date.

This makes postal research on covers in the ‘1782 to 1880’ period most easy for the student and shortens the time of research. This set is a MUST HAVE for every postal historian!”

Editions La Marque Postale offers this exceptional source of information in an extremely limited edition of only 75 sets and no reprints. Sold out is sold out! Some sets have already been reserved from colleagues who knew about the project. Reserve your set quickly and pay by bank transfer or PayPal. Your set is only guaranteed after receipt of your payment.

Important: the prices INCLUDE the shipping costs:

                   Bank          PayPal
Belgium    € 275        € 300
Europe      € 300        € 320
World        € 325        € 340

Payment can be made on account KBC Bank BE56 7360 3798 7688 or via PayPal at

For the price of just 1 Eurostar ticket and 1 night in a hotel in London, you get the most exciting and important post-historical archive section of the British Postal Archives!  Do not let this great source of information slip away and reserve your set today! Orders are accepted until January 15, 2021 or until the number of 75 sets is reached.