(wm) Liechtenstein Post has announced that it will issue a special stamp on 4 March 2019 to mark the 100th anniversary of Liechtenstein’s foreign representation. On first sight nothing spectacular and certainly not a stamp that could cause a stir. But still that’s exactly what happened when a picture of the new stamp was published in the Liechtenstein newspaper „Vaterland“. In its issue of 14 december the aforementioned newspaper made ist readers aware oft he fact that the new stamp (which was intended to depict Emil Beck and Prince Eduard of Liechtenstein) featured the founder of the People’s Party, Wilhelm Beck, instead of the lawyer Emil Beck.

The stamp had already been produced in a print run of 56,000 copies, but Liechtenstein Post decided to reprint it immediately. Allegedly, the postal administration of Liechtenstein has announced that none oft he faulty stamps have come into circulation.