(pcp) For eight years Wolfgang Maassen RDP FRPSL headed the German charter ‘Consilium Philatelicum’ and for almost 20 years he organised more than 60 events worth seeing and experiencing for the aforementioned committee of the BDPh. At the turn of the year 2018/19 he placed the staff in younger hands, namely in the hands of Günther Korn, the former managing director of the BDPh, who was also managing director of the council. Members of this circle congratulated Maassen on 4 May in Bonn at the event “Außenseiter – Spitzenreiter” on his 70th birthday, on which they had come up with something very special for his many years of commitment to German philately and the Council. They presented a voucher for something “very worth experiencing” as well as multi-page personal dedications. “I will never forget it”, Maassen thanked in view of these surprises and promised to continue to actively support the Consilium as a normal member. He was pleased to have led the Consilium back into calmer waters after rather turbulent and not always pleasant times. “My mission has thus been fulfilled. I know that the Consilium is in good hands and the former agreement with the BDPh has been restored”. Anyone who knows the restless creator knows that he will not retire in the future.

A snapshot of a perfect birthday party: f.l.t.r we see the Consilium members Ingo von Garnier, Dr. Heinz Jaeger, Wolfgang Maassen, Renate and Christian Springer, Dieter Germann and Günther Korn (Photo: Thomas Radzuweit)