(pcp-wm) From 17 to 20 March 2021 a World Exhibition of Philately under FIP Patronage will take place in Cape Town, the capital of South Africa. It is the first ever to be held on the African continent.


 On the website https://capetown2021.org/ you can already find out everything there is to know about what interests exhibitors and dealers alike.
The fees for stamp exhibitors are comparatively moderate. 65 US-$ per frame (for multi-frame exhibits), 80 US-$ for 1-frame exhibits. For philatelic literature originally higher approaches were planned, but discussions with the AIJP led to significant reductions. First from $100 to $80, since mid-October 2019 new, substantially reduced amounts apply. A fee of $30 per object will be asked for per exhibit – comparable to the fees at the World Exposition in London 2020 – whereby both print and digital exhibits (including websites) can be registered. The deadline for registration via the respective national commissioners is 30 August 2020.
Thanks to the mediation of the AIJP, it has also been possible for literature exhibitors to submit only one copy of a print publication instead of two, as originally planned. „I am delighted that Emil Buhrmann and his organising team have come to meet our arguments in favour of promoting philatelic literature in this way. We will gladly support this important event because it deserves it in every way,“ confirmed Wolfgang Maassen, President of the AIJP, the World Association of Philatelic Authors and Journalists. „We hope that in view of these extremely favourable conditions for publishers and authors, many will decide to participate,“ he added.
So many are looking forward to this exhibition, which will take place in March 2020 at the modern Cape Town International Convention Centre. Cape Town and South Africa are always well worth a tourist trip, and the website offers many useful tips.