Here are some videos which help in creating news and pages to the website

This video shows the whole process of adding a new piece of news to the bebsite. It demonstrates how fast it is, when the one gets used to the editor. In the latter videos the process is cut into pieces and I show each step in detail.

 1. This video shows the basic elements of the website and its „engine room“

2. Before you create a new piece of news or page, you should add the needed photos and/or pdf’s first. This video shows how to do that:


The order of creating news and pages is always German version first and if needed English version second.

This is how you start creating news:

Adding text and image:

Adding more images and text:

Adding feature image and text. Feature image is the photo which shows on the home page of the website introducing the news. It is automatically part of the first image of the news. However, if the automatic photo is not good, you can choose your own photo. In addition, the automatic introductory text of the news on the home page can also be replaced with your own text. This video shows how to do that.

Video clip here