Albania has a really important geographic position in Balkan Penninsula and Mediterranean Sea. Its terrain is rich in mountains, forests, fields, rivers, lakes, seas, with a diverse flora and fauna which distinguishes for a high biodiversity.

Here live some of the most beautiful species of birds of Europe .

Albanian fauna and especially birds, are a natural asset for our country, and play an important role in conservation of nature, keeping clean the natural environment, protecting agricultural plants, fruit trees, forests from diseases and pests.


  • It will serve teachers and pupils of primary schools and high schools for studying and gaining knowledge, and especially to raise their care and love for species of birds that live in our country.
  • It will serve touristic agencies to recognise and advertise at the Albanian tourists and foreigners, the touristic values that Albania has, especially with several species of birds that live here.
  • It will serve researchers, biologists, employees of the state forestry and touristic agencies, agencies of protected areas, for taking all the legal measures needed for protection of the rarest species of birds from illegal hunting and other harmful activities.
  • It will serve foreign philatelists for raising their interest in collecting Albanian postage stamps and also to know the fauna and especially the species of birds that can be encountered in Albania.


  • Author : Hysen Dizdari
  • Format: 14,8 x 21 cm
  • Pages: 114 in color
  • Languages: Albanian-English
  • ISBN 97899284503-0-2
  • Price: 1200 Lek/10 Euro
  • Publishing House , ,Tiranë, 2019
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