(Unterschleißheim-PR) Hardly any other collecting field of philately underlines the importance oft he unity of countries and peoples as much as the topic ‘United Europe’, also known as ‘CEPT’. In the recently published catalogue ‘CEPT 2019’ every serious and committed collector of the theme (united) Europe will find a wealth of information that will support him or her building up his collection.

But the catalogue covers so much more. Almost every topic connected with the European Community is dealt with: forerunners, NATO, EFTA, Norden, CSCE, the Council of Europe stamps and the so-called sympathy issues. The new edition oft he catalogue brings evering up to dat and adds a lot of information. References to the end of the franking validity of older editions could be inserted for a total of eight countries. Sheet sizes were added for Cyprus. Throughout the entire work, the cataloguing of the stamp booklets was standardised and brought into line with today’s standards. In addition, five newly discovered varieties have been included.

As always, the price quotations were thoroughly checked and updated. From the Benelux countries through Scandinavian countries to Greece and Turkey, price increases were found. The joint expenditures of Montenegro (2013) and Luxembourg (2017) even have the potential to become modern rarities. However, the largest price movements can be found in German varieties.

The 44th edition of this paperback catalogue in full colour comprises 560 pages, offers around 5,700 illustrations and over 22,000 price quotations. ISBN 978-3-95402-257-1. The catalogue is available in stamp shops and bookstores at a price of 72 euros.