23.05.2014 - FG Nordische Staaten e.V.: Special Award 2014

21.05.2014 - AIJP will represent authors and publishers during ROSSICA 2014 in Moscow

19.05.2014 - Jersey Post: plant a poppy seed, use a stamp

16.05.2014 - Pope Francis visits Seoul - probably

14.05.2014 - Auction Highlight: the Inverted Jenny

12.05.2014 - Arthur Gramsch Award 2014 goes to Sabine and Hans-Joachim Schwanke

09.05.2014 - Stamp dealer identified as a thief

07.05.2014 - German version of Maassen’s Milestones now for free

05.05.2014 - The oldest stamp-covered car in the world?

02.05.2014 - Ashbrook Photograph Archive now available for everyone

30.04.2014 - An abundance of Sports and Olympic Philately in IMOS Journal 161

28.04.2014 - Corinhila combines classic philately with outstanding watch making

25.04.2014 - Sympathetic action of a German drugstore chain

23.04.2014 - Expert Committee of the RPS London: British Guiana 1c (1856) is genuine!

21.04.2014 - About philately and copyright

18.04.2014 - Belgian Bpost sets record

16.04.2014 - In memory of Bernard (Bud) A. Hennig

14.04.2014 - A world first: Self-adhesive stamp mounts!

11.04.2014 - Museum for Communication Berlin: Out Of Control?

09.04.2014 - FEPA Medals 2013

07.04.2014 - Finally a German Information Blog about Modern Postal History!

04.04.2014 - PHILA HISTORICA SPECIAL No. 1: The Federico Borromeo Library

02.04.2014 - Rossica 2014: International Literature Exhibition in Moscow (27-29th October)

31.03.2014 - Åland Post enters the world of the internet auctions

28.03.2014 - A real movie star: the Blue Mauritius

26.03.2014 - Schwanke about to auction some world rarities

23.03.2014 - Gärtner Auctions takes over the auction house of Pumpenmeier

21.03.2014 - AIJP-President Wolfgang Maassen to sign the famous Roll of Distinguished Philatelists (RDP)

19.03.2014 - A milestone anniversary in Luxembourg

17.03.2014 - Former FIP President Jos Wolff (Luxembourg) celebrates his 80th birthday

14.03.2014 - In Memoriam Hildegard Langwost

12.03.2014 - Philatelic Literature Exhibition LITFILA-2014 in Perm (Russia)

10.03.2014 - Christmas Hug wins the competition

07.03.2014 - Who was Germany’s first professional stamp auctioneer ?

05.03.2014 - A novelty: Singelfingen tries out One Frame Contest

03.03.2014 - Gärtner Auction: ‘liquid gold’ goes for more than 200.000 Euros

28.02.2014 - Once more: Rossica in Moscow

26.02.2014 - Links to internet pages containing press articles do not violate copyright

24.02.2014 - British Guiana 1 Cent: under the gavel once again

21.02.2014 - Bordeaux letter has gone astray

19.02.2014 - Swedish royal stamp wins the election

17.02.2014 - Is Jack White really Jack White?

14.02.2014 - In Memoriam Detlef Hilmer

12.02.2014 - ‘Only morons steal’

10.02.2014 - Unexpected growth for the AIJP in the year 2013

07.02.2014 - Columns Linn\'s Stamp News: new names

05.02.2014 - Janis Joplin (1943-1970) on American postage stamp

03.02.2014 - Köhler Index now supplemented by index cards of Müller-Mark

31.01.2014 - Dresdner Briefmarken-Auktion: change of power

27.01.2014 - USPS appoints Janet Klug as Chairwoman of the CSAC

24.01.2014 - First ‘European Convention for Collectors’ in Torremolinos (Spain)

22.01.2014 - Romanian Philately archive comes under the protection of the Romanian National Bank

20.01.2014 - Literature Catalogue of MonacoPhil: available postage free!
Many visitors and admirers of the exhibition of international literature rarities that could be seen in Monte Carlo showed their surprise and delight.

17.01.2014 - Postcard needed 44 years to return
(RH) The website Holland’s largest stamp magazine (‘Filatelie’, shows a rather interesting postcard, thanks to reader Hans Steggink.

15.01.2014 - Schwanke Auction: gavel falls once again for rare philatelic literature
The sale of the contents of two philatelic libraries (and other material) guarantees that the 344th edition of the auction of the German firm of Schwanke will be of great interest.

13.01.2014 - Harald Rauhut Auction: specialised collections of Hanover and Prussia
Ten thousand lots with a total estimated value of more than 3 million Euros are on offer at Harald Rauhut’s 154th auction.

10.01.2014 - Armin Mueller-Stahl Exhibition: special hand stamp and other material
Armin Mueller-Stahl is primarily known as one of the few internationally renowned German actors of our time.

08.01.2014 - Latvia: now in the Euro zone
(RH) With entrance from 1 January 2014, Latvia has joined the Euro zone; the Euro is now the only legal tender.

06.01.2014 - What is the world’s most beautiful aviation stamp of the year 2012?
The German study group Luftfahrt eV has an invitation for all philatelists and all those interested in aviation.

03.01.2014 - In memoriam Kurt Link
On 16 December 2013 one of Germany's most famous philatelists, Kurt Link (88) from Gotha, closed his eyes forever .

01.01.2014 - A healthy 2014!
The Board of the AIJP wishes all members and their families a healthy, peaceful and successful 2014!

30.12.2013 - ‘philatelie’ on usb stick breaks the sound barrier!
The official magazine of the Federation of German Philatelists (BDPh) is a well-known publication called ‘philatelie’.

27.12.2013 - PHILA HISTORICA: now available in printed form!
In the year 2013, the introduction of a new, digital and free publication took place: PHILA HISTORICA.

23.12.2013 - 44th Edition of the MMB in Friedrichshafen (Germany)
The 44th edition of the MMB Fair in Friedrichshafen (Germany) will take place on Sunday 19 January 2014, from 9 until 17 h.

20.12.2013 - Bruno Crevato-Selvaggi: The New President of the AEP
On 7 December the General Assembly of the European Academy for Philately (AEP) has has chose a new President: Bruno Crevato-Selvaggi.

18.12.2013 - First time for of the CG Award in Monaco
All those who had thought that the Christoph Gärtner Award, a prize that was awarded for the first time on 6 December 2013 during MonacoPhila, would be ‘just another literature prize’ will have been surprised.

16.12.2013 - Stamp Fair and Bargain Sale in Geest (Germany)
On 29 December 2013 the stamp and coin collector’s club of Geest-Harsefeld (near Hamburg, Germany) will organize its second stamp fair, coupled with a bargain sale.

13.12.2013 - German Christmas Train will leave twice on December 24
Are you interested in a cover that has been transported by the special ‘Christmas Child Railway’?

01.12.2013 - ASCAT-Grand Prix awarded to Dr. Jacques Rogge in Monaco on 5th December 2013

11.11.2013 - Long term planning for the International Stamp Fair Munich
The organizers of the annual stamp fair in Munich (Germany) are planning ahead: terms for the International Stamp Fair in the years 2015 2016 and 2017 have been set.

06.11.2013 - Commemorate Han Vermeulen

05.11.2013 - Roland Meiners announces major auction

04.11.2013 - Sieger-price for philatelic literature 2013 for Dr. Andreas Birch and Hans-Henning Gerlach

09.10.2013 - World Stamp Show New York 2016 website is open !

08.10.2013 - Raid on coin dealer

07.10.2013 - SCHWANKE Auction 343 - 21-23 November 2013

06.10.2013 - 53. AIXPHILA-Auction on 29. and 30. November 2013

03.10.2013 - Alan Holyoake presents his\"Grand Prix collection\" \"The first stamps of the world\" in Berlin on 21 October 2013


01.10.2013 - New FEPA Board elected in Madrid!

23.09.2013 - 27th Autumn meeting of the Study group \"Ottoman Empire / Turkey\"

22.09.2013 - UNPA / Special personalized sheet for the Stamp Fair at Sindelfingen

21.09.2013 - „Alben und mehr“ supports youth activities

20.09.2013 - „Soester Gespräche“ were very successful

14.09.2013 - World’s Largest Stamp Gallery Opens Sept. 22, 2013

13.09.2013 - From IPHLA 2012 to the ISS!

12.09.2013 - Dr. Albert Louis Archive of “The Netherlands\" to Amstelveen (NL)

03.09.2013 - International Fair of Stamps and Coins Fair - Antwerp - September 28-29, 2013 shows 4 ‘Inverted Dendermonde’

19.08.2013 - Baden - Handbuch, volume II presented in Mulheim

18.08.2013 - MICHEL insists on his copyright for his catalogue numbers!

04.08.2013 - Hunziker Medal 2013 awarded to Robert P. Odenweller
The Hunziker Medal 2013 was awarded by the A.I.E.P. to Robert P. Odenweller RDP, ...

10.07.2013 - CORINPHILA presents Alemany’s Dom Pedro-Brazil collection on September 2013 Auction
Birgit and Karl Louis, co-owner of the "Global philatelic network" by Heinrich Köhler/Corinphila met the son of Luis Alemany Indarte, Ignacio Alemany in Denia/Spain.

27.05.2013 - Hans SCHWARZ and René HILLESUM elected for Academy of Philately (AEP)
AIJP-treasurer Hans SCHWARZ and new-elected AIJP-director René HIILLESUM elected members of the European Academy of Philately

17.05.2013 - LONDON 2015 EUROPHILEX: Competition Rules Now Available
The international stamp show LONDON 2015 EUROPHILEX is pleased to advise that the rules for competitive exhibits are now available at

13.05.2013 - Berliner Sammler-Verband under a new name
The ‘Berliner Sammler-Verband’(‘Association of Berlin Philatelic Societies’) has changed its name on 20 April 2013.

10.05.2013 - Dr. Albert Louis dies aged 88
Only a few weeks ago, Dr. Albert Louis was honoured in the German town of Wiesbaden, where he received the SAVO Plaquette.

08.05.2013 - AIJP remains on the right track!
On 4 May 2013 members of the AIJP, the World Association for Philatelic Journalists and Authors, attended at this year's annual congress in Essen (Germany).

06.05.2013 - Åland Post to enter the stamp traders market
At first glance it seems not that spectacular: ‘Åland Post to enter stamp traders market’.

03.05.2013 - German magazine ‘philatelie’: Index 2012 published
The German magazine ‘philatelie’ is one of those publications that you will often find in bound form, each volume covering a year.

01.05.2013 - A historic postcard for Ernesto Marini
The wonderful hobby that we call philately not all too often tastes the pleasure of being honoured on stamps or other postal material.