10.12.2008 - IBRA 2009: The world´s costliest cover comes to Essen!
Visitors to IBRA, NAPOSTA, and the 19th Essen International Stamp Fair, to be held May 6-10 in the eastern part of the Essen Fairgrounds, will have a surprise in store for them: the legendary

10.12.2008 - IBRA 2009 Offers Premium Service for Journalists and Authors
Anyone who has visited the IBRA 99 Exhibition in Nuremberg will remember the excellent service offered by the press centre there: They had a computer terminal for image and text processing, a photo

10.12.2008 - Carl-Heinz Schulz new editor of PHILEX
Mr. Michael Burzan, AIJP, reports in "Philatelic Exporter" No. 12/2008, p. 26 that Mr. Carl-Heinz Schulz, AIJP, former president of APHV (German Dealers Federation) has become the new editor of the

07.12.2008 - AIJP-member Paul Wijnants new editor-in-chief of the "Postzegel"
The K.V.B.P. (The Royal Flemish Stamp Collectors Society with over 4000 members), the largest stamp collectors society in Belgium, is very happy to announce that from January 1st,2009 your member

07.12.2008 - Success for the AIJP at the UPU/WADP meeting
On November 4th, Hans Schwarz, member of the Board and Treasurer of the AIJP, once more represented the AIJP at a meeting of the WADP, the World Association for the Development of Philately. The WADP

Danilo Bogoni, redattore capo di Cronaca Filatelica dal , è stato eletto presidente dell’USFI nel Congresso tenutosi a Roma lo scorso weekend. L’USFI è stata fondata a Firenze nel1966 and ha circa

Danilo Bogoni, the leading editor of Cronaca Filatelica since 1976, was elected president of USFI at the Congress held in Rome last weekend. USFI was founded in Florence in 1966 and has around 140

11.10.2008 - IBRA 2009: The countdown has begun!
From May 6 to May 10, 2009, Essen will play host simultaneously to the International Postage Stamp Exhibition (IBRA), the National Postage Stamp Exhibition, and the 19th International Stamp Fair. In

17.09.2008 - PRAGA 2008 – another look
Gates of the Prague Industrial Palace where PRAGA 2008 World Stamp Exhibition was held from September 12th–14th closed. About 45,OOO visitors found their way to the right wing of the palace

09.09.2008 - accreditation for AIJP members at WIPA 2008
Sorry for the delay but we didn´t receive the link for the accreditation of AIJP-members before. Here is the link for you:

Have a good journey and we

07.09.2008 - AIJP-meeting in Prague. Important Change!!!!
Attention !!!

A.I.J.P. MEETING has been moved to Prague Exhibition Grounds in Prague 7 – Holesovice.

It has been scheduled for 1 pm (13:00) for a meeting room in 1st floor of the

07.09.2008 - AIJP-Meeting in Prague, 13th of Sept., 2008 - the Program
A.I.J.P. Treffen Prag / A.I.J.P. Meeting Prague

13. September 2008

Programm / Program

1. Eine stille Minute für Miroslav Langhammer A Minute of Silence for

31.08.2008 - Presentation of Web Pages Dedicated to Romanian Philately at the World Philatelic Exhibit
The Philatelic Webmasters Organization (PWO), in collaboration with the AIJP and the OC, has organized at the World Philatelic Exhibition EFIRO 2008 (Bucharest, Romania, 20 - 28 June) a presentation

29.08.2008 - News from AIJP-partner MICHEL
Dear Fellow Collectors,

The complete database was updated at the beginning of august. It now includes the latest version of the Overseas Catalogue vol. 1/2 "Middle America", the Overseas

29.08.2008 - Final date for exklusive tour at the Austrian State Printery
As already published a group of interested members will have the unique opportunity to have a closer look inside the Austrian State Printery. Here are the final dates for the visit:

Date: 19th of

18.08.2008 - A good friend has left us: in remembrance of Miroslav Langhammer, Prague
On August 14, August 2008, AIJP Director Miroslav Langhammer died in Prague, after having suffered the consequences of a grave illness that lasted many years. He had still high hopes to be

08.08.2008 - France’s Edouard Dayan and China’s Guozhong Huang re-elected to UPU top jobs
Geneva (Switzerland), 6 August 2008

The 24th Universal Postal Congress

31.07.2008 - New adress for website of the FIP-literature commission
As Mr Anthony Virvilis, the new at the 70th FIP-congress in Bukarest elected chairman of the literature Commission, told us, the commission has a new adress for its

26.07.2008 - New board of the FIP-literature-commission
Excerpt from the minutes of the Commission Meeting held in Bucharest, Romania, (Hotel Phoenicia) 27 June 2008, written by Norman Banfield:


As retiring Chairman,

26.07.2008 - AIJP-Meeting in Sindelfingen
For the next meeting of the AIJP-members and guests the dates are fixed: The meeting - it is open for all friends of literature, authors and journalists - will take place at the Hotel Mercure on the

26.07.2008 - AIJP-Meeting at WIPA 2008 in Vienna
The meeting - it is open for all friends of literature, authors and journalists - will take place at the AUSTRIA CENTER in Vienna, room O, first floor (OE01) 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. on the 20th of

26.07.2008 - Visit of the Austrian State Printery (OeSD) in Vienna
As we have published in the last AIJP-Bulletin there is the exclusive possibility for a limited number of AIJP-collegues to visit the State Printery in Vienna.

Date: 19th of September,

15.07.2008 - Mauritius Post Office on view!
This year Philatelia and MünzExpo will show one of the famost Mauritius Post Office. It is one of only three examples of the 1d. unsed. The presentation is organized by the Auction house Dr. Wilhelm

13.07.2008 - PR Release of the FIP COMMISSION FOR POSTAL HISTORY (July 11, 2008)
The new regulations (SREV) and guidelines for Postal History were approved at the 70th FIP Congress in Bucharest. At the 2004 meeting in Singapore these ideas were initially presented to the

24.05.2008 - AIJP Meeting in Tel Aviv, 15 May 2008
On Thursday, 15 May 2008 eleven people from six countries (Aland Islands / Finland, Czech Republic, India, Israel, Slovenia and Sweden) met at the AIJP Meeting during the WSC ISRAEL 2008.

22.04.2008 - IBRA 2009: A World of Philately in 17,000 sq. m.!
From May 6 to May 10, 2009, the city of Essen will simultaneously host the International Philatelic Exhibition (IBRA), the National Stamp Exhibition (NAPOSTA) and the 19th International Stamp

15.04.2008 - AIJP Meeting in Tel Aviv
The AIJP Meeting will take place during the World Stamp Exhibition ISRAEL 2008 on Thursday, 15 May between 14 and 16 o´clock at the exhibition venue, The Israel Trade Fairs and Convention Center,

23.02.2008 - Final date for the next AIJP-congress 2008
This year the AIJP-congress will be held during the EFIRO 2008 in Bukarest/Romania. The final date is fixed with 27th of June, 2008, from 11-13 a.m. The congress is in the Adon Cenference Room of the

23.02.2008 - ITALIA 2009 - International Philatelic Festival
Dr. Giancarlo Morolli, director of FIP, presented in Vienna some days ago the announcement of another european exhibition: the ITALIA 2009. This exhibition will take place in Rome, Palazzo dei

23.02.2008 - EFIRO 2008: Accreditation for Journalists
All journalists, also the members of AIJP, have to require accreditation for EFIRO 2008. All information as well as the form which has to be filled in are ready for download at the EFIRO 2008

19.02.2008 - Invitation
Participate with a Webpage in the World Philatelic Exhibition EFIRO 2008

The Philatelic Webmasters Organization (PWO), in collaboration with the AIJP and the OC, is organizing at the

19.02.2008 - [b]Participez avec une page web à l´Exposition mondiale de philatélie EFIRO 2008[
La Philatelic Webmasters Organization (PWO), en collaboration avec AIJP et le CO, organise à l´Exposition mondiale de philatélie EFIRO 2008 (Bucarest, Roumanie, 20 - 28 Juin) une présentation des

19.02.2008 - In 2008 the international fair Collector will take place jointly with the World Stamp Exh
The international fair Sberatel (Collector), which is mainly dedicated to philately and numismatics but also includes postcards, telephone cards and minerals, has been held annually at the Exhibition

15.01.2008 - Rarities of the world – the A. Siegel web-archive
A. Siegel - one of the most famous auctioneers in the world - has put his ´Rareties of the World´ Auctions since 1964 on the WEB. You will find them under

17.12.2007 - Successful Literature at Sport-O-Net
Sport-O-Net was the first virtual competitive philatelic exhibition organised by Virtual Exhibitions EXPONET and the Union of Czech Philatelists (SCF). Exhibits with the spot themes were judged in

12.12.2007 - Death of Raymond Duxin
On December 10th, Raymond Duxin died peacefully in his sleep. He celebrated his 100th birthday on March 11th 2007. Co-founder of our AIJP with the number 16, Raymond Duxin started his journalistic

03.11.2007 - John Duggan, the great Zeppelinpost-Expert, is dead
Peter Rickenback, AIJP, sent us a note from the Zeppelin Study Group in Sleaford, UK. Our estimated friend, AIJP-member 1687 and collegue John Duggan - he was Leader of the Zeppelin Study Group and

02.11.2007 - IBRA 2009 in Essen will have many attractions! New discovered „Hepburn-Stamp“ on sale
Since 1976, stamp collectors have been coming to Essen for the now annual International Stamp Fair. In 2009, visitors can take part in a unique occasion: three leading philatelic events under

29.10.2007 - INPEX 2008
The Bulletin 1 of INPEX 2008 India National Philatelic Exhibition containing regulations and entry form for participation was eventually made available on October 25, 2007 at the following web

21.10.2007 - 120 Years of the Organised Philately in Czechia
A smaller exhibition in the Prague Postal Museum and a festive meeting remembered the 120th anniversary of the Club of Czech Philatelists (Klub ceskych filatelistu, KCF).

The founder and the

19.10.2007 - Meeting of the SCF Society for Philatelic Literature
Members of the Society for Philatelic Literature within the Union of Czech Philatelists (SCF) met on 13 October 2007 in the Prague Postal Museum.

The Chairman of the Society, Miroslav

19.10.2007 - AIJP-Partner "Leuchtturm" celebrates 90th anniversary
The history of LEUCHTTURM dates back to 1917 when Paul Koch, a lithographer, founded a company in Aschersleben, a town which is located nowadays in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt. It was called

04.09.2007 - Bulletin 3 (No. 124) / 2007 published
Every year the AIJP, the international association for philatelic journalists and authors, publishes three extensive brochures. These bulletins inform the AIJP members not only about news that

04.09.2007 - New Statutes of the AIJP
Since Mai 22nd, 1981, the AIJP (founded 1982 in Prague, former Czechoslovakia) has its official seat in The Hague (the Netherlands). In the course of the year 2006 the AIJP’s Congress decided to have

04.09.2007 - AIJP’s web site: now also in French!
We have to thank Claude Demaret for the fact that the AIJP’s web site now also has a French version. This will enable members of the AIJP in the French speaking regions to use the web

04.09.2007 - New promotional material of the AIJP
For the first time in its history the AIJP has produced a promotional and professionally crafted flyer that contains crucial information about the organization. Versions in English and German are

04.09.2007 - Autumn Meetings of the AIJP
As many people know, the AIJP is an active, internationally oriented organization of philatelic journalists and authors. One of the goals of the organization is to offer its some 300 members a number

21.08.2007 - Illegal issues of Kosovo
The Kosovo post wrote:

Several days ago I have received an e-mail from Mr. Stedman in which was very clearly (with stamp view) explained that there are illegal stamps that are circulating on

10.08.2007 - Bangkok 2007 - a short report from Madhukar Jhingan
The continental representative of the AIJP in Asia, Mr. Madhukar Jhingan from India, wrote some short notes about the exhibition in his weekly newsletter "Stamps of India":


06.08.2007 - On the way to WIPA08
Here we go again: for the sixth time since 1881, from 18th to 21st September 2008, Vienna will again be the centre of the world of stamps. The preparations are running full speed.

The Vienna

03.08.2007 - Bangkok 2007
Mr. Madhukar Jhingan, the AIJP-continental representative for Asia reports:

For next ten days we will be in Bangkok, Thailand covering BANGKOK 2007. The venue and the look of the show is world

29.07.2007 - First Arab exhibition in Oum El Bouaghi/Algeria
No one can deny that algerian philately is regaining its vitality these days. This is essentially due to individuals taking the initiative to fight the passivity of the postal sector. So after

24.07.2007 - Philatelia and CoinExpo, September 20th – 22nd, 2007
Philatelia through the years

Even 25 years after the first fair was held, the international sector meeting place for philatelists and numismatists continues its success story - a brief

22.07.2007 - Harry Potter gets special delivery
An information given to us by our partner UPU

The Universal Postal Union (UPU) has surveyed its member countries regarding the distribution of the latest Harry Potter book and is pleased to

22.07.2007 - New exhibitions on EXPONET
This information was passed to the AIJP by members from CZ.

New exhibitions on EXPONET


22.07.2007 - AIJP-activities in St. Petersburg
Mr. Madhukar Jhingan, the AIJP continental representative for Asia, took part at the International Stamp Fair in St. Petersburg in June and gave us his short report:

I was able to hold an

22.07.2007 - News from AIJP-partner MICHEL: Stamps on the Internet – Rapid Growth
Even in the field of stamp collecting, the electronic media are conquering an ever larger share of the market, as the number of visits to our Internet site still increases at a rapid

Edouard Dayan, Director General of Universal Postal Union (UPU) and Igor Arkadievitch Syrtsov, Director General of Russia Post opened the Eighth General Assembly of the World Association for the

06.05.2007 - PWO & AIJP Announce a Philatelic Webmastering Event at EFIRO 2008
The Philatelic Webmasters Organization (PWO) is an international philatelic organization that is based in Switzerland and that was created in 2001 by its current president Mr. Victor Manta. Its goal

23.04.2007 - AIJP annual Congress
AIJP annual Congress
Leipzig, 29th of September 2007, 10.00 a.m.
Neues Rathaus, Obere Wandelhalle
1. Opening of the Congress
2. Welcome by the host
3. Greeting messages

10.04.2007 - American Philatelic Society invites authors and publishers
Today the AIJP received the following letter written by Dana Guyer, Director of Shows and Exhibitions ( We would like to invite you to participate in the STAMPSHOW Literature

10.04.2007 - AIJP-Congress at the LIPSIA-Literature-Show in Leipzig
Following the decision of the annual congress held in Essen 2006, this year the AIJP congress will take place in Leipzig at the 29th of September in the “Neues Rathaus” (New Guildhall). The congress

14.03.2007 - New Bulletin 1/2007 Out Now!
A new bulletin, again a whole book of 124 pages, is now available in offset. It offers AIJP members from all over the world insights into current AIJP projects and reports on the numerous events that

14.03.2007 - “Literature News” Available on CD Now!
The “Literature News” is a unique bibliography that lists all books and magazines reaching the German Philatelists’ Association since more than 50 years – complete with title, author and sources. The

14.03.2007 - SCF Seminar: Philately Now and in the Future
On 17 February 2007, the Czech Philatelists’ Association (SCF) held a seminar on the present-day situation of and future developments in philately. All 29 participants were highly interested and got

14.03.2007 - UPU/WADP Lectures in Brussels – Now available on CD ROM
The World Association for the Development of Philately (WADP) represents the future interest of philately world-wide. AIJP, ASCAT, FIP and IFSDA as well as numerous postal authorities support the

14.03.2007 - New AIJP Statutes under Preparation
Thanks to the support of former AIJP President Anthony van der Flier, Vice President Aad Knikman and our Dutch member Han Vermeulen, who worked out a first translation draft, we have now completed

14.03.2007 - AIJP Web Site Soon Available in French
As our readers may have noticed, the AIJP’s web site is available in Italian, Spanish, English, Dutch and Czech, but not in French. This will change thanks to the support of Claude Demaret, who will

14.03.2007 - LIPSIA 2007: Record Participation in the Leipzig Exhibition!
Well over 225 literature exhibits were entered into the National Literature Exhibition in Leipzig; 60 of them alone in the week before the closing date. More than 50 exhibits – nearly a quarter of

14.03.2007 - 2007 AIJP Congress: Hotel Accommodations
The 2007 LIPSIA Exhibition, a national category 1 literature event with international participation, will take place in Leipzig from 28th to 30th September. Numerous members of the AIJP will take

13.03.2007 - Mystic Purchases 33 Controversial Grinnell Hawaiian Missionary Stamps From Finders Family
Mystic Stamp Company purchased 33 Grinnell Hawaiian Missionary stamps from Vince and Carol Arrigo on February 26. This is the entire holding of Grinnell Missionary stamps owned by the descendants of

Held by the Manawatu Philatelic Society under the Patronage of the New Zealand Philatelic Federation and with support from the Central Districts Philatelic Trust and the New Zealand Philatelic

09.03.2007 - Raymond Duxin is 100!
Raymond Duxin enjoyed his 100th birthday on March 11th 2007. Co-founder of the AIJP with the number 16, Raymond Duxin started his journalistic career at “Le Monde des Philatélistes”. From April 1954

07.03.2007 - Successful first meeting of the international stamp associations
Only few collectors are familiar with the abbreviations AIJP, ASCAT, FIP and IFSDA, since, in daily life, the activities of these associations are not very well known. However, assuming

01.02.2007 - AIJP lends its patronage to Philatelia and MünzExpo
In future, the International Association of Philatelic Journalists (AIJP) and Koelnmesse Expositions Ltd will work closely together. This will be for the benefit of the Philatelia and MünzExpo event,

12.12.2006 - Patronage of the AIJP for IBRA ´ 09
IBRA ´ 09 is an international philatelic exhibition that will take place from 6 to 10 May 2009 on the premises of the Messe Essen (Germany). The exhibition runs parallel to the Internationale

12.12.2006 - AIJP Site offers pages in Spanish!
Since November 2006, individual web pages of the AIJP’s homepage have been translated in Spanish. Thanks to the good work of AIJP member Günter Pilz, who was responsible for the translation, the web

12.12.2006 - A new book series: Edition d’Or
On December 1st 2006, AIJP President Wolfgang Maassen directed a press conference in Monte Carlo. With over 80 participants the conference can be considered to be very well visited. During the

12.12.2006 - Hans Hohenester elected as President of Ascat
On November 30th, during Monacophil 2006, the managing director of the Schwaneberger publishing house, Hans Hohenester, was elected as President of the International Association of Publishers of

12.12.2006 - AIJP Members at Monacophil 2006: manifold activities
Monacophil 2006 has been held during the last days of November and the first days of December 2006. The exhibition attracted not only numerous visitors from all over the world, but also an impressive

04.12.2006 - A successful AIJP-meeting in Dubai
AIJP has been an active participant at major International Exhibitions, “Dubai 06” the 19th Asian International Stamp Exhibition was no exception. A meeting of AIJP was conducted on November 14,

29.11.2006 - in memoriam Kenneth Chapman
It is sad to report that Kenneth Chapman died peacefully 27th of November, 2006 at the age of 96.

He was probably best known as Editor of "Stamp Collecting Weekly" from 1951 to 1977. He had a

22.11.2006 - Connecting People
With this widely known slogan, AIJP President Wolfgang Maassen expressed his thanks for the invitation to the IFSDA’s annual meeting in Brussels, which took place during the BELGICA 2006 Exhibition

22.11.2006 - IFSDA Handbook 2006 for AIJP Members
Lars Boes, former President of the International Federation of Stamp Dealers Associations, and his executive committee presented the AIJP with the new IFSDA Handbook 2006 – a welcome gift to

22.11.2006 - WADP Meeting in Brussels Focuses on the Promotion of Young Philatelists
AIJP President Wolfgang Maassen seized the opportunity to take part in a meeting held by the World Association for the Development of Philately on 17th November 2006 during the BELGICA in Brussels.

19.11.2006 - Successful Presentation of the AIJP in Sindelfingen: Many New Members
Activity pays off! About ten new members found their way into the AIJP during the 24th International Stamp Fair in Sindelfingen in late October 2006:

Dr. Eckart Bergmann: For many years,

19.11.2006 - “philatelie” Awarded Vermeil in Malaga!
For the first time in many years “philatelie”, the official journal of the German Philatelists’ Association and partner of the AIJP, took part in an international competition during a FIP World

19.11.2006 - AIJP Members Are Committed Writers!
On the occasion of the Philatelists’ Day in Bad Reichenhall, AIJP members took the opportunity to present their latest philatelic works during a literary event organized by Consilium Philatelicum.

19.11.2006 - Awards for AIJP Members at German-Austrian Philatelists Day in Bad Reichenhall
More than half of the prizes awarded in October 2006 at the German Philatelists Day in Bad Reichenhall went to members of the AIJP. Michael Adler received the Great Gold Medal of the BDPh, which has

03.11.2006 - New books - written by members of the AIJP
Wolfgang Maassen (editor): Enthusiasm at the border to excess. The phenomenon Erich Stenger.

Erich Stenger (1873-1957), professor for scientific photography in Berlin, was known as one

03.11.2006 - New books - written by members of the AIJP
Wolfgang Maassen: Ludwig Hesshaimer – Light and dark, love and passion for art and philately

Ludwig Hesshaimer (1872-1956), a born German Saxon in Rumania, in his time was well-known as

17.10.2006 - New AIJP Bulletin: a goldmine for literature lovers
In the recently published edition 2006/3 of the AIJP Bulletin – with its more than 100 pages another bumper issue! – a number of issues are discussed, mainly about the production, maintenance and

17.10.2006 - Long term planning 2007
Now that 2006 is nearing its end, many editors will be busy planning their 2007 issues. For anyone who likes to take advantage of the fact that next year a number of jubilees with regard to first

17.10.2006 - Succesful presentation of the AIJP during SBERATEL
Many collectors are aware of the existence of SBERATEL, the international philatelic fair that takes place every year in the Czech Republic’s capital Prague. In 2006, the fair was held on15,

14.09.2006 - AIJP-Homepage: in future also in Italian and Spanish
Nicola Burdiat (Italy) and Günter Pilz (Guatemala) have made it possible: the AIJP is now in the possession of the main part of Italian and Spanish texts that can be used for AIJP’s website,

14.09.2006 - The AIJP supporting the BDPh’s ‘Collectors’ Compass’
October 7 of this year will be an important date: on this day Franz-Karl Lindner, Vice-President of the official German league of stamp collector’s associations (BDPh), will be present in Bad

14.09.2006 - AIJP’s Agenda for the Autumn of 2006
This autumn, the AIJP, the world-association of philatelic authors and journalists, will be organizing three important meetings. Members are welcome to attend these meetings and the same goes for all

14.09.2006 - A genuine goldmine of nearly 350 pages
In the middle of October 2006, the latest issue of the AIJP Bulletin will be published, this time containing over 100 pages, each one of them filled to the brim with useful information for philatelic

13.08.2006 - Collaboration between PWO and AIJP

To the President of the Association Internationale des Journalistes Philatéliques (AIJP)

Mr. Wolfgang Maassen



15.07.2006 - 40th anniversary of the Union of the Italian Philatelic Press (USFI)
The foundation congress of an italian association of journalists, authors, and publishers in the field of philately took place in Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, May 8th of 1966. Since then, it has been