26.02.2012 - ‘Paper Pearls’ - an exhibition with a twist
Regular stamp collectors perhaps may think that when an exhibition is staged, one has to expect a kind of ‘frame forests’: long rows of exhibition frames, one after the other, offering visitors a

24.02.2012 - HBA to auction the "Zehlendorf" Collection
The Hamburg based German auction house Gebrüder Ehrengut will bring, in its auction of 25 to 28 April, the so-called "Zehlendorf" Collection under the hammer. The collection originates from a

22.02.2012 - A Prussian collection from Berlin
The famous German auction house from Mülheim, Harald Rauhut, has been recently renamed: it now goes under the title ‘Rauhut-Kruschel Auctions’. The renamed auction house has as its manager the owner,

20.02.2012 - IPHLA 2012 in Mainz exceeds the expectations!
On 1 February 2012 the official registration deadline for the exhibits at IPHLA 2012 expired. The organisers were already pleasantly surprised that all available booths of this international

18.02.2012 - FEPA Prize Winners of the Year 2011
The abbreviation FEPA stands for ‘Federation of European Philatelic Associations’. At the end of every calendar year, the FEPA decides about three awards

17.02.2012 - Meet the experts at the International Stamp Fair in Essen
As in earlier years, visitors to the International Stamp Fair in Essen (Germany) can ask for free advice from BPP experts present on all three days of the event. The BPP - the official German

15.02.2012 - ´Sistine Madonna´ at the International Stamp Fair in Munich
The German stamp designer Werner Hans Schmidt will be on focus when the International Stamp Fair in Munich (1, 2 and 3 March 2012) begins. His souvenir sheet ´The Sistine Madonna´ will be issued on

13.02.2012 - Harz Region celebrates 125 years of narrow-gauge railways
On 9 February 2011, a special German postage stamp dedicated to the jubilee ‘125 years of narrow gauge railways in the Harz Mountains’ has been issued. The narrow-gauge railways are among the major

09.02.2012 - New ‘Cathedral of Freiburg’ stamps
They were certainly a success, the first personalised postage stamps that were issued to support the redevelopment of the historic Münster Tower of the Freiburg Cathedral in Germany. They were sold

07.02.2012 - Ice fever in the Netherlands
In the Netherlands, a special kind of fever has erupted. Whenever there is a long period of heavy frost in that country, the hearts of long-distance skaters are beginning to beat faster. Because then

05.02.2012 - New IMOS-Journal: filled to the brim with information
The international German topical study group ‘Olympiaden und Sport’ (IMOS) indulges its members every three months with a new edition of its magazine IMOS-Journal. In the recently published Nr. 152

03.02.2012 - Two jubilees and a special postmark
A double anniversary can be celebrated in the German city of Minden. The oldest document stating that Minden has obtained city rights dates from 1232, so that is now 780 years old. In the same year

31.01.2012 - Website ‘relaunched’
The official body of philatelic experts in Germany, the Bund Philatelistischer Prüfer (BPP) has done a fine job in revamping their website The site has been ‘relaunched’ recently and it

29.01.2012 - Dutch Post:: ´Listen to the Music´
PostNL, the postal administration of the Netherlands, has apparently been influenced by one of the successes of the Doobie Brothers, ‘Listen to the music’. It would explain why the Dutch post has

27.01.2012 - In memory of the springtide of 1962
On 16, 17 and 18 February of this year a special German hand stamp commemorating the hurricane tide of 1962 will be in use. The flood, that struck heavily the North Sea Passage of Wilhelmshaven, was

25.01.2012 - Stamp dealers´ deadline for EuroPhilex 2015 London soon to expire
Last week, stamp dealers worldwide were invited to participate in EuroPhilex 2015 in London. The event will take place from 13 until 16 May 2015, at the Business Design Centre, Islington. It will

23.01.2012 - You may decide: what was the most attractive stamp about aviation in 2010?
The German study group ‘Luftfahrt e.V.’, specialised in air mail and aviation, invites all philatelists and anyone interested in aviation to participate in a survey to choose the year 2010’s most

15.01.2012 - MAZ Mail: put your letters in the mailbox!
For some time now the first letter box of the private mail service of the Märkische Algemeine Zeitung (MAZ) can be found in front of the building of the printer of this German newspaper. This

13.01.2012 - ‘Day of German Philately’: AIJP members are invited
The Chairman of Consilium Philatelicum, Wolfgang Maassen, has the pleasure to invite all AIJP members to an event to be held on 4 November 2012 during IPHLA 2012, the international philatelic

11.01.2012 - A bargain with a kickback
A sad experience for the German coin dealer Thomas B. of Aachen. An older, unidentified man came to his shop and offered him six thousand mint stamps, each with a face value of 55 cent, issued in the

09.01.2012 - Your last chance for IPHLA 2012!
Time flies: authors and publishers have only a few weeks left to apply for the international philatelic literature exhibition in the German city of Mainz. The deadline for the exhibition, IPHLA 2012,

07.01.2012 - AIJP and AEP to organise a unique symposium
During the upcoming IPHLA exhibition in Mainz, the AIJP will – in cooperation with the European Academy of Philately (AEP) – organise a unique symposium. Theme of this symposium, to be held on 3

05.01.2012 - The AIJP is 50 years old!
Fifty years ago, during the summer of 1962, the international stamp exhibition PRAGA 62 was held. During this event the International Association of Philatelic Journalists and Authors (AIJP) was

31.12.2011 - In memoriam Gerhard Dusska (Vienna)
Many people considered Gerhard Dusska (b. 1940) as a real ‘veteran’ of Austrian philately. Far beyond the limits of the city of Vienna and even beyond the boundaries of Austria itself people knew

29.12.2011 - Will the Helmut Kohl stamp ever materialize?
If it would have been up to the German political party CDU there would already have been a special stamp dedicated to the former Chancellor Helmut Kohl. At the annual CDU convention of 2010, the

27.12.2011 - PostNL: souvenir sheet for André Kuipers
On Wednesday 21 December 21, on behalf of the European Space Agency ESA, the Dutch astronaut André Kuipers has been brought to the ISS space station. He was launched together with the Russian Oleg

23.12.2011 - Cornelia Brettl passed away
Cornelia Brettl (42), member of the official German league of philatelic experts (BPP) and daughter of the well-known expert Maria Brettl, died on 17 December 2011 after a serious illness. Since

21.12.2011 - Animals populate latest ‘Nordkurier’ stamps
Since 1 December 2011 the latest set of stamps issued by the private German postal service provider ‘Nordkurier’ is on the market. For the series the theme ‘50 Years Ueckermünde Zoo’ has been chosen.

19.12.2011 - Christmas Stamp 2011 issued by ‘Citykurier!’ (Germany)
On sale since 16 November 2011: an official Christmas stamp issued by the German private postal company ‘Citykurier!’. The stamp, that has been produced in close co-operation with Köhler

17.12.2011 - ‘Postmodern’ presents Germany´s first wooden stamps
Since 25 November 2011 Germany´s first postage stamps made of wood are on the market. The German private post organisation ‘Postmodern’ has issued the stamps. ‘Postmodern’ is active since 1999 and

12.12.2011 - Still ambiguities at INDONESIA 2012
Recently it has become clear that there still are serious uncertainties regarding the international stamp exhibition INDONESIA 2012 in Jakarta (Indonesia), especially concerning the number of

10.12.2011 - Dieter Michelson leaves the IFSDA stage
Dieter Michelson (picture), who acts amongst others as Managing Director of Heinrich Koehler Stamp Auctions in Wiesbaden, has been Vice President of the IFSDA (the International Federation of Stamp

08.12.2011 - APHV will leave the IFSDA
It was no real surprise, because the decision had been taken and announced more than a year ago. On 31 December the APHV, the German Stamp Dealers Association, will leave the International Federation

06.12.2011 - Coil stamps "Interesting German sites and sights” re-catalogued
The German study group RSV has set as its goal, among other things aims, to explore the differences and particularities of the production of German coil stamps, including their packaging and

04.12.2011 - Prince Albert II receives ASCAT’s Grand Prix 2011
The French acronym ASCAT stands – when translated in English - for International Association of Publishers of Stamp Catalogues, Albums and Philatelic Magazines. The ASCAT members meet every two years

02.12.2011 - INDONESIA 2012: international exhibitors will have to fork out more
From 18 until 24 June of next year, the international stamp exhibition INDONESIA 2012 will be held in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta. The exhibition has the patronage of Fédération Internationale de

30.11.2011 - Two important catalogues to appear during MONACOPHIL 2011
Great-Britain will take up the role of host during the upcoming edition of MONACOPHIL in Monte Carlo (2, 3 and 4 December 2011). One of the pleasant consequences of this fact is that parts of the

28.11.2011 - New database shows approvals of the Philatelic Foundation
The Philatelic Foundation is a well-known American institution that was founded in 1945 in New York. The foundation has since worked for the advantage of philately. In the past 66 years, renowned

26.11.2011 - Wolfgang Maassen receives the Leon de Raay Medal (NL)
It´s not often that a foreigner has the honour to receive an award from the Dutch foundation that publishes Holland’s largest stamp magazine, ‘Filatelie’. But on 12 November of this year, such an

24.11.2011 - ASCAT supports IPHLA Mainz 2012 – twice!
The international organisation that represents the publishers of stamp catalogues and professional stamp magazines, the ASCAT, will be very active during the upcoming international philatelic

22.11.2011 - The AEP will be present at IPHLA 2012 in Mainz!
The International Philatelic Literature Exhibition IPHLA 2012, that will be held next year in the German city of Mainz, will be a real international event. Earlier, the participation of international

20.11.2011 - Copyrights of the late Loriot violated?
A number of news services – e.g. Spiegel Online and Heise-online – have been reporting about a curious decision of the Regional Court of Berlin (Germany). The decision was triggered by the daughter

09.09.2011 - Two new presidencies for Wolfgang Maassen
Consilium Philatelicum
For reasons of age, the long-standing President of the German Consilium Philatelicum, Dr. Heinz Jaeger, was not longer eligible for this function. Dr. Jaeger, who

04.09.2011 - Stamp Fair Sindelfingen: many innovations
This year, the well-known international stamp fair in Sindelfingen (27, 28 and 29 October 2011) will offer in many ways a kind of ‘New Look’, thanks to the efforts of the German postal administration

02.09.2011 - Raetia 2011 welcomes the members of the AIJP!
Thanks to the generosity of the organizers of the RAETA exhibition all European members of the AIJP will receive (or have already received) the catalogue for this important event.


29.08.2011 - Catalogue of Luxembourg stamp forgeries and counterfeit hand stamps
As a part of the anniversary ‘75 years Day of the Postage Stamp in Luxembourg’, a book will be published by the Philatelic Circle ‘SOPHIA’ in the town of Wiltz. It concerns a publication about

07.08.2011 - A tribute to Jos Wolff, president of the FSPL
Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg has awarded Jos Wolff, President of the Fédération des Sociétés Philatélique du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg (FSPL) and also Honorary President of the Fédération

04.08.2011 - Bulletin 1 of 2012 IPHLA now available!
Already since April of this year all information about IPHLA 2012, the international philatelic literature exhibition that will take place in the German city of Mainz, has been available on the

03.08.2011 - Free entrance to the Mauritius Exhibition in Berlin
In an exhibition entitled ‘The Blue Mauritius: Meeting of the Queens in Berlin’, the Museum for Communication in Berlin will present around three-fourths of the 27 Mauritius stamps still in

01.08.2011 - New edition of ‘The Philatelic Journalist’ has been released!
A new issue of ‘The Philatelic Journalist’, No. 2/2011, has been released recently. Focus of the new edition, which has been sent to all AIJP members by mail, are Chur and its upcoming AIJP Congress,

18.07.2011 - Annual congress / General Meeting of the AIJP 2011 Congress hotel Chur (Switzerland), 17t

1. Opening of the Congress by Wolfgang Maassen, President of the AIJP

2. Welcome by the host of the AGM

3. Greetings


- The IPHLA 2012 Mainz

18.07.2011 - The Board of the AIJP is looking for collaborators!
On 17 September 2011 this year´s Congress of AIJP will be held in Chur (Switzerland). Not only it is the first time that an annual AIJP-congress is held at a multilateral exhibition in Switzerland,

21.05.2011 - Living in the digital age has its advantages
Vysoke Myto (Czechia) will be the place where from October 12 to October the ‘First Czech-Slovak Philatelic Exhibition’ will be held. It concerns a so-called ‘two into one’ event, because it will act

18.05.2011 - Now also maximum cards in MICHEL’s ‘Germany’ catalogue!
Alexandra Baumann states in the May issue of ‘MICHEL-Rundschau’ (No. 5/2011) that, with entrance from its 2011/2012 edition, the MICHEL ‘Deutschland’ stamp catalogue will be extended with details

16.05.2011 - First application for IPHLA 2012 is a fact!
A soon as the website of the International Literature Exhibition ‘IPHLA 2012’ went online, the first application for the event – that will take place in Mainz (Germany) – came in. The honour of being

15.05.2011 - 21st International Stamp Fair Essen: many happy faces!
Thanks to a successful mix of international philatelic dealers from home and abroad, the presence of many post offices and the impressive booth of the German postal administration, Deutsche Post, the

14.05.2011 - Dr. Paulo Comelli has died
The Philatelic Foundation of Paraguay (Centro Filatelico del Paraguay) has announced the passing away, on 9 May 2011, of the internationally renowned philatelist Dr. Paulo Comelli. Dr. Comelli has

13.05.2011 - New literature: FFE # 14 is here!
A new issue of Fakes, Forgeries & Experts Journal is here and this time 27 authors have contributed with 28 articles on the topic of forgeries, forgers and expert philately.

The book starts

03.05.2011 - AIJP members meeting on 7 May in Essen (Germany)
During the International Stamp Fair in Essen there will be a meeting of AIJP members, including some of the AIJP’ board. As things are standing now, Dr. Mark Bottu, Giancarlo Morolli and Wolfgang

18.04.2011 - Mauritius Ball Covers
In February, Michael Sefi, the Keeper of The Royal Philatelic Collection, visited the British Library Philatelic Collections. The occasion for his visit was to bring together the only three known

12.04.2011 - New RDP’s will sign roll in Portsmouth
The Roll of Distinguished Philatelists was established in 1921 by the Philatelic Congress of Great Britain with the approval of His Majesty King George V, who was the first Signatory. An invitation

12.04.2011 - IPHLA Mainz 2012: official website is now on-line
Two weeks ago the IPHLA team has met for the first time. And already now, only two weeks later, the official IPHLA website - managed professionally by Michael Lenke - is on-line. Visitors of the site

08.04.2011 - A stamp for Japan!
It is hardly necessary to emphasize the enormous calamity that has struck large parts of the Japanese population. When looking at the daily events in Japan, taking in the grief that a cruel tsunami

23.03.2011 - Next issue of ‘ThePhilatelic journalist’ in print
The editorial content of the first issue of the year 2011 of the AIJP magazine ‘The Philatelic Journalist’ has been sent to the printers. Delivery of the issue is expected to take place in early

23.03.2011 - AIJP booth on the International Stamp Fair in Essen (Germany)
AIJP members visiting the International Stamp Fair in Essen (5, 6 and 7 May 2011) can visit the AIJP booth there. They will find in the so-called ‘Philatelic Center’ (Booth Nr 1A-76), to be more

23.03.2011 - More value to be had for authors and self-publishers of the AIJP
Thanks to the mediation and the support of the German publishing house Phil*Creativ Verlag, the AIJP has been able to set up a cooperation agreement with the much-visited website

23.03.2011 - New Book List of the AIJP is coming up
In the coming days a new list of antiquarian books will be published via AIJP member Mr. Dobiat; it will contain well over 1.150 items. The list is the result of the dissolution of the second and

19.03.2011 - Welcome to Alpe-AdriaPhila 2011 in Opatija
Alpe-AdriaPhila 2011 Opatija will be held from April 14 until April 17 2011, in the Crystal Hall of Hotel Kvarner and in the Art Pavillion ‘Juraj Šporer’ in Opatija (Croatia).


19.03.2011 - FEPA awards Certificates of Appreciation for the promotion of philately
During its meeting of January 29, the Board of the European Federation of Philatelic Associations (FEPA Board) has decided to award a Certificate of Appreciation to the following

18.03.2011 - FEPA Medal 2010 for exceptional philatelic study and research goes to Patrick Maselis
Patrick Maselis (Belgium) will be the recipient of the FEPA Medal 2010 for exceptional philatelic study and research. Mr. Maselis, who is the President of the Club de Monte-Carlo, has acted

18.03.2011 - FEPA Medal 2010 for exceptional service to organized philately goes to Ludwik Malendowicz
The Board of the European Federation of Philatelic Associations (FEPA) has awarded Ludwik Malendowicz (Poland) with the FEPA Medal 2010 for exceptional service to organized philately. Prof.

18.03.2011 - Marisa Giannini awarded with FEPA Medal 2010 ´Exceptional support to organized philately´
The FEPA Medal 2010 for exceptional support to organized philately has been awarded to Marisa Giannini, Director of the Philatelic Division of the Italian postal administration (Poste

14.03.2011 - The Japanese Tragedy
All friends and colleagues of the AIJP have, with deep consternation and great concern, watched the horrendous images that came in to report about the enormous catastrophe that has come over Japan.

09.03.2011 - Mauritius - Meeting of the Queens in Berlin
The unique international exhibition ´Mauritius - Meeting of the Queens´ unites most of the surviving legendary Blue and Red Mauritius postage stamps at the Museum for Communication

14.02.2011 - Felzmann: a splendid time is guaranteed for all!
Later this month, the renowned German auction house of Felzmann will present an impressive number of new discoveries and great rarities. They will be offered during the Felzmann auction on 24, 25 and

07.02.2011 - Auction results for covers with provisional franking and franking paid in cash
Perhaps the largest database that one can find on the Internet when it concerns covers that show provisional franking or franking paid in cash (i.e. letters that show the fact that postage has been

06.02.2011 - First Christmas Stamp & Coin Fair in Frankfurt (Germany)
This year, the Association of Stamp Collectors MOENUS 1911 in Frankfurt will celebrate its 100th anniversary with a special Christmas Stamp Fair. The fair will take place on November 27 in

05.02.2011 - Three important literature anniversaries
In January 1931, i.e. 80 years ago the library of the Munich art dealer Friedrich Heinrich Zinkgraf, former Chairman of the Munich Stamp Club, was used for kick-starting a new philatelic library.

04.02.2011 - Harald Rauhut Award for publications of the BDPh communities
A few days ago, the official League of German Philatelists (BDPh) has decided to introduce a special philatelic literature award. The prize is created especially for publications from study groups

02.02.2011 - Reader of the Sindelfingen Postal History Symposium 2010 may now be ordered
Year after year, the International Stamp Fair of Sindelfingen offers something special in the form of a symposium dedicated to postal history. Thanks to the lectures of the speakers on these

31.01.2011 - Special stamp for former German Chancellor Kohl?
The former German Chancellor, Helmut Kohl, may well be the subject of a special stamp, appearing later this year in Germany. That is, if a rumour presented in the German stamp magazine Deutsche

30.01.2011 - 1.000 times Prussia for specialists
The German stamp auction house of Pumpenmeier, based in Kirchlengern, has something special for those who are interested in Prussian postal history. On 26 February of this year, auctioneer Bernd

29.01.2011 - Queen’s figurehead: not in danger
Now that the British Royal Mail is up for sale, many people in the stamp world wonder whether one of the oldest philatelic traditions – the depicting of the reigning King or Queen on British stamps –

28.01.2011 - Smithsonian Institute receives another important donation
The new year has begun surprisingly well for the Smithsonian´s National Postal Museum in Washington (USA). Because Vince and Becky King from Denton, Texas, have made a donation of $ 250.000, with

27.01.2011 - German President receives special collection
The German Federal President, Christian Wulff, has officially launched a new series of German surcharge stamps (the so-called ‘Wohlfahrtsmarken’) during a special presentation on 10 January of this

26.01.2011 - International Stamp Fair Sindelfingen: new dates and an interesting programme
In collaboration with the postal organizations of Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Austria, the German post will organize the 2011 edition of the well-known International Stamp Fair of Sindelfingen.

13.01.2011 - ‘Everything a collector needs!’
In March a new book, titled ‘Alles, was der Sammler braucht!’ (‘Everything a collector needs!’) will be published by the AIJP’s President, Wolfgang Maassen.
This new volume in the series ‘Tips

12.01.2011 - 2012: Fifty years AIJP
In 1962 the AIJP was founded in the capital of what then still was called Czechoslovakia, Prague. Of course, the fact that the AIJP will be fifty years old in 2012 will have to be celebrated

11.01.2011 - German League (BDPh) introduces new rules for literature
With regard to literature, the official federation of German philatelic associations (BDPh) has adopted a new approach. In future, not only literature that is presented in the traditional fashion

10.01.2011 - Deadlines for coming issues of ‘The Philatelic Journalist’ in 2011
In 2011, there will also be three issues of ‘The Philatelic Journalist’. They will appear in the middle of March, in June and mid September. The recently redesigned official journal of the AIJP has

09.01.2011 - In memoriam Hans-Henning Gerlach
On 2 December 2010 Hans-Henning Gerlach (born 1938, Tübingen) died. He was a much valued and highly trained interpreter, cartographer and author. He gained much respect thanks to his atlases that

07.01.2011 - Dues raised, but also new services
The AIJP Congress in Lisbon has decided in October 2010 that the dues of our organisation will be increased from 30 to 40 Euros per annum. At the same time, a number of new services for members of

06.01.2011 - In memoriam Hans Effenberger
On 4 December 2010 Minister Hans Effenberger passed away after a long and serious illness, which he endured with great patience. Born on 6 June 1926, the Austrian, who was a member and a valued

05.01.2011 - A Happy New Year!
The Board of the AIJP wishes all its members and friends a happy New Year. We are pleased to be able to offer another year of support, advice and service. A brief overview: AIJP member meetings are

30.11.2010 - Philatelic Expertising and its Future
Seminar Wednesday 8th December 2010 - 15.00 to 16.00
The British Library Conservation Centre
96 Euston Road, London, NW1 2DB

A seminar about the direction and future directions

30.11.2010 - Publications of the Belgian Academy of Philately
After the splendid series of books on Belgian Philately – edited by the Club de Monte Carlo – and quite all written by members of the Belgian Academy - the Belgian Academy started publishing their

30.11.2010 - The first journalist in space
As an Astrophilatelist, Mr. Igor Rodin, Chairman of the FIP Section for Astrophilately and new member of AIJP, informed us that in December 2010 there will be the 10-th Anniversary of the space

27.10.2010 - Members of the AIJP will convene in Sindelfingen
Next Saturday, 30 October, members of the AIJP can attend a meeting of their World Association of Philatelic Journalists and Authors. The meeting, which will take place in the Mercure Hotel, will be

27.10.2010 - New FIP president elected
On 10 October 2010, 88 delegates from national philatelic associations from all over the world decided who should succeed the former President of the FIP, Jos Wolff. Wolff had to resign because of

27.10.2010 - New presentation of the ‘Edition d´Or’ in Sindelfingen
On Friday 29 October, at 17 h. at the Hotel Mercure (next to Sindelfingen Fair), it will be that time again. Then, the companies of Heinrich Köhler and Corinphila and their respective managers