08.03.2017 - Dutch PostNL delivers food products – now every day of the week

Henceforth, the Dutch company PostNL will deliver food seven days a week, not only in cities, but also in rural areas. This is in line with the current trend of people buying food products online. PostNL will deliver food products for different providers of meal boxes and specialty products, like meat and nutrition for sportsmen. Since February of this year, the company delivers meals that are prepared by companies like ‘Marley Spoon’ and ‘De Krat’.
To enlarge the convenience for the consumer, PostNL now offers the possibility to deliver food products in the weekend, i.e. on Saturday and Sunday. Furthermore, PostNL now provides the food purchasers with an exact prediction of when the delivery will take place, with an accuracy of half an hour. PostNL delivers food products for more than 30 different companies, like Ekoplaza, Marley Spoon, Hoogvliet, Sligro, De Krat, Mathijs Maaltijd Box en Ekomenu.