30.10.2018 - "Tomorrows Royal"

(wm) Not only large exhibitions, but also well-known associations have to come up with something to secure the financial means for their projects. As almost everybody knows, Royal Philatelic Society in London celebrates its 150th birthday next year; it is the oldest stamp collecting society in the world. It is also known that this noble association has had its own large clubhouse on Devonshire Place in London since 1925. But after many years one stood before the decision to refurbish the house with millions of pounds or to acquire something new, larger and still better situated. The latter decision was chosen and from autumn 2019 the new clubhouse will be in Abchurch Lane 15 in the heart of London. Again in a beautiful Victorian building, which also needs to be renovated.
In order to secure the necessary costs of more than 2.2 million euros, the association has launched the "Tomorrows Royal" campaign, to which President Patrick Maselis invited every member, but also any other sponsors, to donate money for the conversion and the necessary extensions. Small as well as large amounts, regular monthly payments and other contributions are welcome. The money is well invested. It will be spent on new space and library equipment, in technical innovations on the newest conditions etc..
If you wants to know more, please visit once the website of the association ( You will be impressed by the services and offers of the Society. It owns one of the largest philatelic libraries in the world, maintains a unique philatelic history museum that is even recognised as such by the state and also constantly publishes valuable literature itself, thus making a significant contribution to the preservation of philately.